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Innate Magic People Part 8

This week's artist is Panji Andrian. He's relatively new and does some photo-manipulation stuff that's really good. Keep an eye on him!
In Ahneria, nearly everyone can cast a little bit of magic, but some people can cast full-on spells. I decided it would be fun to detail out a set of NPCs based on the first level spells. As I said in the previous article, these are people who are somewhat common, but might have gained notoriety or fame based on their abilities.

These NPCs form an ongoing set of articlesThis is the eighth in this series, and the beginning of the sixth level spells. At this point, the power of these NPCs can shape the cities and countries around them. One of these people might be the reason for an entire campaign's worth of intrigue, combat, or exploration.

Onóra Ní Slatara
Spell: Telekinesis (PHB pg. 280)
Not everyone in the noble courts of Artaire approves of Queen Onóra Ní Slatara’s rule. She rose to power quickly on the backs of the populace, claiming to be an emissary of the Gods. There had already been a lot of discontent among the common folk, and she became a figurehead of the fight against corruption within the government. Her penchant for performing miracles, lifting objects with her mind, and literally crushing her opposition stirred the fires of the hearts of the people. By the time she demanded rulership, nobody was interested in stopping her.

But since then, strange things have started happening in Artaire. Plagues, rashes, droughts, famines and deaths that even Queen Onóra couldn’t be responsible for. She tried to take credit for them at first, claiming it was her will that was punishing the people for their wickedness, but soon her own lands became affected by these punishing phenomena. Now, another revolution is brewing, one that claims Queen Onóra’s power was never holy in the first place. The Gods have truly been upset and the people are seeking revenge for being taken advantage of.

Marius Léon
Spell: Teleportation Circle (PHB pg. 282)
Over the course of his long life, Marius Léon completely changed the face of the city of Shingali. Once a small, bustling, concentrated trading port, the city has expanded greatly over the past half-century. Marius began installing public teleportation hubs to connect the disparate parts of the city together in his youth, when his power was discovered. People could suddenly cross the entire city distance in an instant, and the land around the port began to expand as it became easier and easier for people to reach different parts of the area. They even expanded to nearby islands, since boat travel became completely unnecessary. Marius, for his service, has received a lifetime of accolades, awards, and comfort.

However, this past week, a massive Antimagic Field appeared within one of the island teleportation hubs set up by Marius. Nobody is sure what wizard is behind this attack, but it has left an entire burg of the city in the dark and unable to travel. With no real docks or ports on the island, several rescue ships have already crashed against its rocky shore in rescue attempts. Even worse, several people have been reported missing after they entered the teleportation circles at the same moment the antimagic field hit. They might be trapped in another plane, unable to move, escape, or even remain alive. Marius has grown old and can’t dare the voyage to the island to repair the hub. The city is crying out for help in the wake of this terrible disaster.

Milo the Mad
Spell: Transmute Rock (XGtE pg. 169)
It began when several shipments from the city of Caucao didn’t show up at their neighboring settlements. After several days, envoys were sent to investigate, only to find the entire city was gone. In its place was a sinkhole of epic proportions, filled with fresh mud and crushed stone. A dredging crew was issued, and several thousand bodies were extracted from the pit. It was considered the greatest disaster to ever befall the country of Caraco, and nobody could explain why it had happened. Geologists and wizards scratched their heads - no common magister would have been able to produce such a spell.

However, their queries were in vain, as the culprit revealed themselves despite the mystery surrounding the event. A written threat from “Milo the Mad” came to the Lord of the City of Malna, a city situated on a cliff-side and commonly visited by airship. Milo the Mad claimed that unless thousands of gold pieces were brought to a distant location, Malna would meet the same fate as Caucao. The people have begun to panic, packing up their ships and taking flight, but Elettra Peretti, the Lord of the City, has a plan in mind: catch Milo the Mad in the act, with her team of powerful wizards and fighters in tow. Those who still remain in Malna are placing their faith in the Lord of the City. That, or they have no means of escape and have resigned themselves to their fates.

Zinlee “Barkstalker” Olawenys
Spell: Tree Stride (PHB pg. 283)
For weeks, Zinlee Olawenys has been untouchable. An assassin in the wooded elven city of Miridís, she was able to escape from any situation by diving into one of the many nearby trees. Though she came from a distant land, the environmentally-conscious elves had provided a perfect web for her to catch flies in. Contracts flooded in, and she built a solid foundation of underworld contacts and hideouts. Nobody could catch her, and the killings became a drawn out and tragic part of the city’s history.

The High Council had no idea how to end the charade, short of cutting down every tree in the city. But recently, a wise woman came up with a suggestion: if they could get close to her, with the proper spell they could transport her to a stone room where her powers would be useless. The Council gathered their best spellcasters and set out to complete the mission. However, Zinlee seemed to have advance knowledge of the plan and has remained just out of reach. The city is running out of ideas and is looking for help.

We meet again... for the last time!
Etienne Osmont
Spell: Wall of Force (PHB pg. 285)
The spiderlands were long considered uninhabitable by humanoids. All sorts of giant insects gathered and bred there, but the worst were the spiders. They grew to monstrous size, and some even gained the ability to hide within the Ethereal Plane. Anyone who passed into the region was considered dead, for they never returned. That is, until an adventuring party known as The Bold Eagles decided to clean out the area once and for all. They slaughtered every arachnid and insect they could find, driving the beasts back into the tunnels of the underdark. They even brought a young druid that could create Ethereal barriers to combat the strange magic spiders that tried to flee into another plane of existence.

They returned victorious, but without the druid. His name is Etienne Osmont, and he has remained there since, holding his barrier tight to prevent the spiders from escaping. People have begun to reclaim the land, as the many dead creatures in the area have made the earth especially fertile there. They attend to Etienne’s needs, and recently a small town has sprung up to help provide for the man who keeps them safe. He is getting on in years, and has begun searching for a solution to keep the spiders at bay once he is gone. The villagers are helping as much as they can, as their livelihoods now depend on finding a solution to their very icky problem.

Lisabe “Lightbuilder” Le Masson
Spell: Wall of Light (XGtE pg. 170)
Lisabe Le Masson is known as the Lightbuilder, an architect that can capture pure light and build it into a solid structure. Over the course of her life, she has changed the face of the city of Marinue. Walls, ceilings, windows, and more are now built of her solid light, offering a warm glow to the city that cannot be seen anywhere else. People travel for miles to bathe in the city’s sunlight, marvel at the moonlight spires, or even take a walk across the sunset bridge. The rulers of the city have kept Lisabe happy and rich for her years.

However, the latest ruler, Queen Aveline, is not so kind to the architect. She wishes for great labyrinths to be built of blinding light, forcing her enemies to walk blindly through the maze until they die. This upsets Lisabe greatly, but she doesn’t have the political clout to go against the Queen. So, she has been secretly adding back doors and shortcuts to the labyrinths, allowing the prisoners an easier time getting out. So far, the Queen hasn’t noticed, but is becoming increasingly irked by the ease with which her prisoners are escaping. She’s begun lashing out against her other ministers, and nobody is happy about that.

Efia Twum
Spell: Wall of Stone (PHB pg. 287)
A long time ago, a woman named Efia Twum crossed the land of Vlalga. Where she walked, walls of stone sprouted unbidden from the earth, forming all manner of designs and shapes. Now, she is known only as The Wanderer, but everyone knows of the Infinite City of Vlalga. Building upon building, all created from The Wanderer’s path. There’s no real governing body to the Infinite City, just factions that control large swathes of it. Every time someone thinks they’ve found the end of it all, a new stretch is discovered beyond a mountain pass or into a tunnel underground. The Wanderer spared no space on her journey.

You can find all types in the Infinite City, including dangerous and hostile races that use it as an encampment. A war has broken out in the city between an Orcish tribe and a human stronghold, and their urban battles have left many civilians injured. A nearby elven sanctuary is looking to put a stop to the fighting, but most people realize that will require rooting out the orcish attackers. So far, nobody has stepped up to do such a thing.

Briec Zephan
Spell: Wrath of Nature (XGtE pg. 171)
When he was born, people assumed Briec Zephan was some sort of fey spirit that had snuck in and changed places with the real child. Natural plants and rock formations sprang up wherever the child went, and the family home began to resemble a garden. When the vines grew so long and vicious that they stole the child away, nobody was surprised, and the parents sadly accepted that their offspring belonged to nature more than he did to them. Briec, with only a locket to signify his name and heritage, grew up among the trees, which tended to his needs, killing food and providing fresh water for him. He grew up not knowing how to speak, but understanding the languages of nature, and fearing those humans who ventured into the forest.

Over the next decade of his life, rumors began to spread far and wide about the dangers of the forest he grew up in, known as Chirod Woods. People started disappearing, and mothers forbade their children from playing at the wooded borders. Briec became known as the vengeful spirit of the forest, and the edges of the woods crept closer to civilization each month. The king fears a confrontation, but has no idea how to stage a war against a forest. Logging efforts simply don’t keep up with the wild growth of the vegetation. People have begun to flee in fear.

You can tell a character is a rebel against society by their skill with a bow
Vasia Plaidamir
Spell: Arcane Gate (PHB pg. 214)
She is known as the archer who bends fate to her will. No target eludes her arrows, and no amount of armor or cover is enough to hide you. If she knows where you are, you are dead. Her arrows move too quickly for the eye to follow, they seem to curve around walls and loop back on themselves before striking, and they can penetrate the tiniest chink in any armor. If her foe can see, her arrows pierce his eyes. Her name is Vasia Plaidamir, and her mastery of the bow has made her the greatest warrior in the Ravensbane Clan, defending their ancestral grounds from all intruders. Those who witness her skill and live swear she fires with an unnatural grace and divine aim.

Only Vasia knows that her arrows fly through invisible portals that she can place anywhere she can see. The strength of her shots is due to the fact that her arrows only fly a short distance before striking their target. Her legendary aim is thanks to her ability to position the portals as she pleases. It pains her to receive accolades for her skills, when she simply uses her magic to surpass every other archer in the clan. To her, the guilt of an undeserved award is worth the feeling of being relied on to keep her family safe. At least, for now.

Evrard Durand
Spell: Blade Barrier (PHB pg. 218)
Since his birth, nobody was able to touch Evrard Durand. As they reached towards him, their hands were sliced up by whirling blades of magical energy. He was immediately ostracized and feared, sent  to a magical detention camp to let wizard deal with the issue. However, they were unable to disperse the magic around the child, and he grew up assuming that people simply didn’t care about him. His loneliness slowly morphed into resent, and one night he forced his way out of the camp and slaughtered his captors simply by touching them. The rush of power and lack of consequences that night changed him forever.

Since then, he has travelled the land, killing those who stand in his way. His first follower was a man just as angry and spiteful as he was, but soon more came. His killings became a force of social movement against the oppressive society that held the common folk down. And the more he killed, the more he was pursued, the more he became a dark champion of the underbelly of society. Now, he has arrived at the city of Farhelm, with his army of followers in tow. They plan to overtake the city, and the local militia may not be enough to stop them.

Rovari Extreme
Spell: Bones of the Earth (XGtE pg. 150)
From a young age, the orphan girl Rovari was left on the fringes of society, without anyone to care for her. She never knew her parents, and begged for any scrap of food she could get. She became weaker and weaker, slowly inching towards death. However, on the day she thought would be her last, she was found out by Malzer Extreme, a tiefling who hated society and how outcasts were treated. He raised Rovari to despise all humans and civilizations, teaching her to fear and hate those who gathered in large towns and cities. They could harm her and only tell her lies, they were better off buried in the soil. Rovari grew into a hateful young woman, aiding Malzer on his missions to disrupt and destroy society.

They spent years attacking small towns and the outskirts of cities, gaining some notoriety as outlaws. But one day, everything changed. Malzer was killed during a mission to stop a supply train to the city of Jakuth, and Rovari went into a rage, causing massive stone pillars to erupt from the earth around her. She didn’t stop until she had destroyed every building and killing everyone in the city. Once the dust cleared, she took a vow and made it her life’s ambition to demolish all settlements she comes across for the sake of Malzer, her teacher and savior. She now travels the continent of Jodrea, her giant pillars destroying cities, creating new plateaus and changing the landscape so no one could easily inhabit what she leaves behind.

Xiang Tian
Spell: Chain Lightning (PHB pg. 221)
Xiang Tian has an affinity for lighting and storms, ever since he was struck by lightning as a child. The incident occurred when he was climbing on the roof of his family’s shipping house during a storm. Tian was struck by a bolt of lightning, but instead of dying he redirected the lightning to a nearby tree, destroying it in a blaze of blue fire. His family runs a well-known ship trading business, and his mother Wei thought her son’s unusual power could be used to help redirect lightning from the fleet on extended travels. They could even use his power to remove rivals from the shipping business! Tian was quickly trained in the ways of a sailor and sent out on a voyage.

Tian quickly realized that he was not meant to be a sailor. His stomach couldn’t handle the churning waves, and he spent most of the trip sick below the decks. However, when the first storm hit, he was sent up to the crow’s nest and told to protect the mast. Despite being sick, tired, and miserable all night, he managed to redirect a few blasts of lightning. This small amount of success was met with heaps of praise from his family, and he was immediately sent back out on another voyage. Tian couldn’t bring himself to fight his familial expectations, especially after he was run ragged from his illness and fever. He is looking to escape, but the Xiang Shipping Company is preparing to dominate their competitors.

Astrid Fiske
Spell: Circle of Death (PHB pg. 221)
Rumors have been traveling around the Nitron countryside for over a month now, after three villages have been decimated by some demon or evil creature. Now Grites’ Hallow, the largest town in the Tchilmoore province, has met a similar fate. All that remains of Grites’ Hallow is an extremely large patch of decaying ground where a town once was, remains of dilapidated corpses, and ramshackle buildings that could be toppled with a feather’s breeze. Anything of value was completely rusted, decayed, or simply demolished.

Little do the worried residents of Nitron know that an unusual-looking young woman is the root of the desecration. Astrid Fiske, a travelling albino fortune teller, and gets decent business by convincing people her unusual coloring is a blessing by Vyius, the Seer himself. She gathers all the business she can, but before long people begin to suspect her predictions are not so accurate. Then, when they confront her to demand their money back, she unleashes a terrible wave of necrotic power that completely erases the town and its inhabitants. Not only does this get rid of any evidence that her fortunes are false, she gets to keep the gold she has already stashed in her carriage outside of town. This is all happening under the watchful and panicky eyes of the Nitron council, who are starting to think it might be a good idea to investigate these incidents further to quell the rumors.

Chesfaere Cobis
Spell: Conjure Fey (PHB pg. 226)
Since their birth, Chesfaere Cobis has always had fey near them. They started as friends and playmates, but as the young Drow grew older, they became companions and protectors. The other members of House Cobis, stringent worshipers of Lolth and her demons, were unnerved by the constant presence of fey in their midst. When Chesfaere was old enough, the Cobis family sent Chesfaere away to the surface. Though they were in a new place, and without their family, Chesfaere had lost none of their Drow ambition. They sought out and became the servant of Synderne, an extremely ferocious overlord who saw the potential in Chesfaere. She had them train Yeth hounds for her, powerful shock troops to hunt down her enemies.

Chesfaere learned much of ruling  and conquest from their new master. But Unbeknownst to her, Chesfaere planned a coup to overthrow their overlord with the help of the Yeth hounds they had been training. They used their other fey friends to do spying and reconnaissance, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Soon, the time came. Synderne was killed in her slumber, and with the help of illusory get magic Chesfaere assumed her place. Now, the Drow leads the massive Armies of Dread, and plans to gain the favor of the Queen of Darkness and Air in order to spread their influence to the entire world.

Inispira Sorrow
Spell: Contingency (PHB pg. 227)
Her entire life, the tiefling wanderer Inispira Sorrow has never known hardship. By some strange power, she always has just the right magic she needs to avoid any danger and solve any problem she might encounter. If she needs an item, one appears from thin air. If she is attacked, her assailants suffer all sorts of strange maladies. She can heal wounds at a word, protect those around her if they require protection, and even uncovered an assassination plot against the royal family of Ezjur when she discovered strange and evil magic in the palace and removed it with her abilities.

This is what brought her to the attention of the Kirouac family, the ruling family of Ezjur. They want to reward Inispira for her bravery and quick thinking, but she has a tiny problem. Despite having spent her life helping people and fighting monsters, she is at heart a loner who is absolutely terrified of standing up in front of the entire court of Ezjur. She knows her powers could easily allow her to sneak away, but she is trying to be gracious and accept her accolades. She’s just not sure what sort of life fame and glory will bring her.

Do you need something? Perhaps... some murder?
Jowan Treworgy
Spell: Create Homunculus (XGtE pg. 152)
Jowan Treworgy is the patriarch of a vicious and terrible family of conquerors. However, “family” is not the best term for his progeny, as he doesn't sire them - he created them, as homunculi from dirt and mandrake root. His personal servant, Falte, was made twenty years ago as one of his many sons, and has guarded him faithfully ever since. Jowan’s monsters (as the commonfolk know them) appear like somewhat deformed humans, and the most notorious of them all is his daughter Solstice. She lead a massive military campaign on the kingdom of Bonus, conquering it in her father's name. Now a few years after the fall of the ruling powers, Solstice commands the massive expanse of the kingdom, and Jowan is becoming suspicious of her true intent.

Her armies have stayed put, not pressing deeper into the continent or oppressing the citizenry. Most might see this as a blessing, but Jowan sees it as pure insubordination. His letters, chock full of horrific instructions, are being ignored. He fears the worst - a man whose only interaction in life being one of complete dominance is now afraid of a servant disobeying. The path from Wathe to Vinis is treacherous, now doubly so that Solstice holds the throne. He is preparing his own army to march on the capital and deliver his personal brand of justice.

Shyla Payne
Spell: Create Undead (PHB pg. 229)
Legend says that long ago, ancient priestesses mummified kings and queens of the Kolim lands in the name of the god Vaa. According to the stories of her culture, these kings and queens would rise again when Vaa called on them to renew the world and return it into the hands of the gods. For generations, the practice was carried on by the succession of high priestesses, until there was born a child so powerful in magic that she could defy death itself. The lands of Kolim, however, were amidst a terrible besiegement by the Farnassian Empire, and the people were dying out. This ancient priestess, known as Isistet, entombed herself as a guardian alongside the kings and queens of old, to rise again when summoned by her god, Vaa.

This legend has been passed down through generations in the kingdom of Kolim for a thousand years, and no one thought much of it, other than it being a story with which to frighten children. But recently, explorers in the ancient ruins of the area have seen the mummified remains of kings and queens, as well as their entire households, began to rise out of the desert. The people of Kolim are extremely frightened by these events, hoping someone will come and prevent the god Vaa from retaking their homeland. Meanwhile, Isistet, now calling herself Shyla Payne, has returned and disguised herself as a common wanderer.

Spell: Disintegrate (PHB pg. 233)
The day the Saidmu Empire fell started out like any other, until a hooded figure was denied entrance into the council chamber. The guards stopped a person in a cloak, stating that he was not allowed to enter the council chamber as a meeting was in session. The cloaked figure, now known as Kylon, laid his hand on the guard’s chest and watched with a smirk as the guard disintegrated into dust, with barely any time for a scream. The people in the square who saw this spectacle panicked and ran away from the hooded man, as guards either chose to attempt to fight or fled from the figure. However, there was no stopping him. After Kylon destroyed the council members, he made a decree that he was now the ruler of the Saidmu Empire, and anyone who wanted to contest him could.

It has been 7 years since Kylon’s oppressive reign began, and there is little hope left in the people living in the Saidmu Empire. He rules through extortion and threat of death, and the nation bows regretfully to his power. The strongest holdout against this tyrant is manned by the Sai resistance, who are praying for someone to help them return their once peaceful Empire to how it was before the fear of Kylon reigned over them.

Jozelle Nyad
Spell: Drawmij's Instant Summons (PHB pg. 235)
Long ago, a secret magical weapon known as the Guardian’s Amulet was sealed in the dungeon of a great castle with no windows and no doors, and magical energy surrounding it as to form an impenetrable barrier. The amulet was sealed by Jozelle Nyad, who had the sole ability to summon the weapon if the world was in great peril. The Emperor of the surrounding country, Niyazi Kyprou, heard of this artifact and its keeper, and realized she could prove instrumental to the Empire’s safety. He assigned her as a royal retainer to keep her close, under the guise of allowing her the position to truly determine if the world was in need of the Guardian’s Amulet.

42 years passed, and the Emperor finally died a peaceful death. His daughter, Empress Philippa Kyprou, took control of the Empire, which was seen as a sign of weakness and uncertainty to the neighboring countries. They have been attacking the borders of the country, and Philippa has been begging Jozelle to release the amulet and save her people. Jozelle, however, knows the artifact is still safe, and refuses to summon it unless the fate of the world is truly threatened. People are dying in the countryside, and the nobility has turned to infighting. The fate of the country is unclear.

Maelia Gavros
Spell: Druid Grove (XGtE pg. 154)
The people of Kichamore island had long feared the power of the volcano that lay in the center of their home. For decades, they left a young girl on the mountain to die, a sacrifice to hold back the wrath of the ancient mountain. Maelia Gavros was one such girl, abandoned by the priests  at the edge of the forest to be killed by starvation or the monsters living on the mountain. However, they never suspected Maelia was blessed by the nature gods. She survived, with druid trees who helped her do everything, learn how to walk and eat, how to gather food and hunt and grow. She forsook the tribe that had sacrificed her, and learned the ways of a warrior of nature.

When the woods started to grow at an incredible rate, the people of Kichamore investigated and found the small girl was still alive. They needed her to die to be a proper sacrifice, but the druid trees protected her with all their might. The villagers could not harm her. Some saw this as a sign the girl was not to be a sacrifice, and began killing their children to appease the gods. Others fought back with axes and machetes, but the forest grew too quickly to be cleared. Before long, the entire island was lush with forests, beasts, and flowers. But only one human remained.

Children with magic - it there anything more terrifying?
Azariah Kairatov
Spell: Eyebite (PHB pg. 238)
Everyone knows of Azariah Kairatov, the undefeated Champion for the Empress Sailia of Albisi. Since his introduction into the royal fighting arena, the rules surrounding magic have been relaxed to accommodate his powerful abilities. Many consider his methods to be cheating, using his magic to harm his opponents or to put them out of commission. However, his statuesque looks earned the attention and favor of the Empress, and thus he is never penalized for his actions. Empress Sailia loves him for his victories, and many believe their relationship extends beyond the boundary of ruler and servant.

However, war has begun to brew on Albasi’s southern border. The country of Pelavia is gearing up for an invasion, and by law the Empress’s champion is considered a general in the Albasian army. Sailia has already bent the rules for her lover, but this time she can’t stop Azariah’s duties. Azariah, accustomed to a life of comfort, plans to do as little as possible, but the courts are pressuring him to take up the mantle of leadership. This might be an opportunity for him to regain his reputation in the eyes of the people.

Berkut Shamir
Spell: Find the Path (PHB pg. 240)
Berkut Shamir has taken many years of his life to create a profitable trading and transport company, carrying weapons to mercenaries, rare plants to be studied, or food to remote villages. Whatever might need moved, The Shami Traders can move it, and without question. Berkut’s secret to his success is always knowing the shortest path his caravans should go, and using a central planning hub to map every single caravan. However, the shortest path is not always the safest.

Berkut is always looking for good, strong people to help guard the caravans. This is especially true for a special weapons order from the eastern country of Tarigua, which are highly dangerous and illegal in many provinces. Not only that, the path requires the caravan to go through the Wrathebite Swamp. This is always a tricky path, since the road is quite rough and unfinished. He needs hands, and quickly.

Octavia Dávalos
Spell: Flesh to Stone (PHB pg. 243)
The Emperor Umberto Botín has always loved the prisoner statues that Octavia Dávalos makes for him. He delights in seeing the horrified expressions captured in the stone, and always compliments his executioner on her excellent work. Once a beggar in a nearby city, he was discovered by one of the Emperor’s guards who recognized her talent and cruelty, and was brought into the Emperors’ service shortly thereafter.

However, the people have begun to fight back against the Emperor’s cruelty. Someone has been removing or curing the statues that Octavia has been making of the prisoners, allowing them to escape the museum-like dungeons they are kept in. Emperor Umberto is slowly becoming enraged with Octavia, demanding her magic be reinstated. She needs help finding the escaped statues, so the Emperor does not have her executed or worse.

Again, please check out this excellent artist!
Hiram Semple
Spell: Forbiddance (PHB pg. 243)
The city of Malzon is considered lost by most of the world, but in truth, it has simply been under siege for the last 70 years. It’s all thanks to Hiram Semple, a man who used his magic to protect the city from the wrath of King Oberon of the Fey. No human dares set foot beyond the city’s borders, but while they remain inside they are safe from the encroaching feywild. The fey and their monstrous minions stalk the edges of the city, waiting for the day they can unleash their wrath upon the people of Malzon. So far, the people of the city have only survived thanks to the power of magical food and supplies provided by the Wizard’s Council.

But Hiram is getting old, and the city is on edge. They worry the border will fall without his presence, and the siege will come to a violent end. Though the people have always wondered why Oberon chose to declare war upon them, they are rushing to find answers as Hiram’s age progresses. The militia they have formed will simply not be enough to save them.

Verity “Barrier” Rouse
Spell: Globe of Invulnerability (PHB pg. 245)
The country of Altina and the Cormoti tribes have been fighting for a few weeks, and before that Altina was fighting with the province of Povia over their northern border. These skirmishes were brought on by a series of well-timed assassinations, pitting the nations against each other and draining them of their resources. However, it fills Verity “Barrier” Rouse’s pockets, who controls the major arms dealers operating in Altina. She is skilled at antagonizing already tense governments into battling each other, and has lined her pockets with riches thanks to the international struggle.

Thanks to her extensive bodyguard and natural magical barrier, Verity saw herself as invincible. However, a renegade archwizard managed to overcome her powers and teleported her away to the Outer Plane of Law, Mechanus. There, she is being judged for her chaotic and lying nature, leaving a power gap in the underworld of Altina. Sadly, this has made the fighting turn inwards, causing even more death and destruction.

Next week, we continue the march through the sixth-level spells!

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