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Innate Magic People Part 4

This time, our artist is Frank Hessefort, a fantastic artist who worked on Pillars of Eternity. 
In Ahneria, nearly everyone can cast a little bit of magic, but some people can cast full-on spells. I decided it would be fun to detail out a set of NPCs based on the first level spells. As I said in the previous article, these are people who are somewhat common, but might have gained notoriety or fame based on their abilities.

This is the fourth in this series, and we get through almost all of the third level spells. These are people who have a lot of say in the world, but still tend to exist within the normal roles of society. They are successful, but not game-changers. Not yet, at least!

Song of Paradise
Spell: Catnap (XGtE pg. 151)
Song of Paradise, a Tabaxi woman in the city of Bellemere, enjoys a good nap. And her Sleep Parlor, Paradise, where people stop by for a quick nap at all times of the day, is incredibly popular. Her customers always leave feeling refreshed! But recently, A tavern called The Darkened Lanturn opened next door to her establishment, and they play loud music at all hours. She needs help dealing with this noisy intrusion!

Nevifra Cazizi
Spell: Clairvoyance (PHB pg. 222)
In the courts of the Visqonus Family, Nevifra Cazizi serves as a lady-in-waiting to Duchess Emmi. Nevifra is privy to all manner of secrets held by her lady, but none of that was much of an issue until Duchess Emmi fell in love with Zamen Saong, a servant of the house that Nevifra also had her eye on. Now, Nevifra and the Duchess have a not-so-subtle rivalry going on, and Nevifra needs someone to make her rival look bad without causing her to lose her job. A few rumors should do it, spread by someone outside the family.

Finosk Snowfang
Spell: Conjure Animals (PHB pg. 225)
Finosk Snowfang is a brawny barbarian, and considered one of the strongest members of the Snowfang clan. His secret? Every day, he travels into the Evermeld Forest, summons a bear or two, and wrestles them. But his Fey-based summonings have caught the attention of Daffodil, a Fey Queen with a short temper. Finosk needs help dealing with the ire of this powerful creature before she smites him.

Spell: Conjure Barrage (PHB pg. 225)
In the Hobgoblin Army of Fottom, Molug is known as an incredible warrior and fletcher. He has used his arrows to destroy his enemies, earning him high praise in the Hobgoblin ranks. But during a daylight raid by human forces, he was captured and imprisoned without his beloved bow. He’s nearly helpless, but will gladly share his services with anyone willing to join him in a breakout.

Ke’moi Fazekas
Spell: Counterspell (PHB pg. 228)
Ke’moi Fazekas was only a child when her home was attacked by the evil wizard Haláleset. He had already murdered her family when she fled into the streets. Haláleset had intended to slay her where she stood, but for some reason his spells kept failing. Ke’moi’s cries brought forth the city guard, who were easily able to apprehend Haláleset with his magic wasted on the child. Now, Ke’moi is something of a local legend in her country as the child who fended off the great and terrible Haláleset. She, however, doesn’t really have any other magical abilities and just wishes people would shut up about it. In fact, she’s looking for someone to help her get out of the country and flee the rumors.

Taybur Saegifu
Spell: Create Food and Water (PHB pg. 229)
Known as the Engine of the Eblian Army, Taybur Saegifu is the most efficient cook the battlefield has ever seen. He can turn forth mountains of food, keeping soldiers fighting at all hours of the day. They complain a bit about the blandness, but as the Eblain Army consists of the formerly homeless and destitute, they are grateful for the nourishment. But Taybur has recently been assigned a pupil, a boy named Tannan Worsley. Taybur never actually learned how to cook, and needs help teaching the boy how to make food without magic. He won’t admit he is incapable of doing so himself.

Anger towards your enemies is gender-neutral
Eawyn Balaji
Spell: Crusader's Mantle (PHB pg. 230)
Eawyn Balaji is a Priestess of the War God Uxnir, and her temple is not a chapel like most religions. Instead, it is the most popular and beloved fighting arena in the city of Zrosa, where Eawyn herself blesses the combatants before they step into the ring. The bouts are taken as the worship of Uxnir, who honors fair combat for the purpose of strengthening the body. But recently, Eawyn has discovered that a betting ring has started based on her fights, and she needs help quashing it before Uxnir becomes angered and no longer accepts the fights staged in his name.

Wyron Rengi
Spell: Daylight (PHB pg. 230)
On a terribly tall cliff face sits a strange little hut. It has no doors or walls, for its inhabitant must be in full view of the ocean at all times. Since the Uroni People began seafaring, Wyron Rengi has sat up on this cliff in his strange hut, glowing as bright as the sun, warning ships away from the jagged rocks below. But Wyron is nearing the end of his life, and the Uroni People are looking for someone to build an actual lighthouse for their ships to follow.

Yula Timber
Spell: Dispel Magic (PHB pg. 234)
Yula Timber has always had an adverse reaction to magically-infused items. They just seem to stop working around her. King Jun, a canny and divisive leader, saw the potential in this. He keeps Yula close by, in order to prevent magical assassins from killing him. However, the King’s health has recently taken a turn for the worse, and the royal doctor is recommending a healing amulet to prevent further degradation.This has left Yula out of work, and she needs assistance in finding a new job or finding someone to heal the King without using a magic item.

Kunil Bania
Spell: Elemental Weapon (PHB pg. 237)
The Knightly Order of Eylance is known in the land of Nanta for their virtue and chivalry. They recently accepted a new member into their ranks, a stout-hearted young man named Kunil Bania. He’s doing marvelously in combat and is quite virtuous, but his signature weapon is a fiery whip. Rumors are circulating about a Knight who uses a whip taken from demons, and the Order of Eylance is looking for someone to take Kunil on a quest to prove the rumors incorrect.

Ishi Eusebia
Spell: Enemies Abound (XGtE pg. 155)
Ishi Eusebia is a leader of the revolutionary forces in Aexesea. She fights against the oppressive nobility by discreetly drawing near them, activating her magic, then watching as they take care of themselves by fighting their allies. So far, she's taken down several barons and counts, but the war is escalating and she needs to shoot for the ultimate prize: King Hakon. She'll need the assistance of an elite squad to infiltrate the royal courts.

Any dwarf worth his salt has an extensive knowledge of beard-care produects
Spell: Erupting Earth (XGtE pg. 155)
Far underground, the clan of the Grigho Molefolk make their peaceful lives in the darkness. Their leader, Pebblefoot, is a powerful digger who uses his magic to create tunnels and defend their homes against monsters and Invaders. But recently, it came to light that some of the Molefolk were worshiping the evil God of Dark, Kynos. Pebblefoot needs help rooting out those who would threaten the tribe, while dealing with the undead that are now plaguing their homes.

Saravadri Hiradiga
Spell: Fear (PHB pg. 239)
Saravadri Hiradiga is a well-respected magistrate in the kingdom of Esken. She has several court duties, but her most notorious task is proctoring the Trials of the Protector, a test for young squires to obtain Knighthood. She forces them to face their worst fears, and only the wisest and purest of heart can withstand it. But recently, Saravadri suspects that some of the squires have been cheating on the test, using magic to bolster their resilience. She needs someone to talk to the young soldiers and see if they really are deceiving her.

Joku Bluepeak
Spell: Feign Death (PHB pg. 240)
Long, long ago, Joku Bluepeak lives in the Empire of Astrox, ruled by the cruel king Medren. Joku had broken the law, and feared retribution, but he had one trick up his sleeve: he could pretend he was dead for incredibly long periods of time. His friends sealed him inside a coffin and he waited for his moment. Days stretched into years and his friends never came back to unseal him. Now, a group if explorers might be the first to discover the grave of this still very much alive person.

Humzem Flame Bow
Spell: Flame Arrows (XGtE pg. 156)
In the mountains of Laom, Swiftriver village knows that Orc attacks are a constant threat. But recently, a new chief was appointed to the local Orc tribe, known as Humzem Flame Bow. She enchants the arrows of the orcs to burn with unnatural flame, allowing them to attack the village's homes in the dead of winter. The town's leader, Zacharais Kirsk, needs help stopping the Orcish menace.

Kian Zama
Spell: Fireball (PHB pg. 241)
Kian Zama is a young boy who has been locked in a thick steel room ever since he was 3. This is because he has a terrible trait: he explodes when he is upset, harming everyone around himself but remaining curiously unburnt. He has little exposure to the outside world, and his parents fled when they realized the expense of keeping an exploding child under custody. The chief of the guard, Zagnor Farspell, would rather just kill the boy and be done with it, but nobody who enters the room survives. Zagnor needs help figuring out what to do with this dangerous young boy.

Meet my super-cool-Drow-Ranger-who-totally-isn't-Drizzt
Marceline Ramea
Spell: Fly (PHB pg. 243)
Since she came of age, Marceline Ramea has been regarded as a menace to civil society. Everyone she touches begins to slowly rise upwards, higher and higher, until they hit a roof or disappear from sight. Those unfortunate enough to grab a roof are forced to spend their lives on ceilings, limited to where they can climb or “jump”. In the city of Gangandar, this does afford a lot of leeway, but Marceline is still being pursued by the police for causing several passersby to fly upwards in a crowded market. Marceline believes it isn't her fault, and she needs help hiding from the authorities.

Kleophas Silentwind
Spell: Gaseous Form (PHB pg. 244)
Kleophas Silentwind is a thief in the city of Odelo, with a notorious power: he can turn into gas and slip through doors and windows. He's gained quite a reputation by only stealing valuable paintings, which he can roll up and carry away. But one of his former accomplices, Rirmo Sarsk, has tipped off the target of his next heist, and Kleophas has been forced to lay low. He's given up on getting the painting, but he needs some help getting revenge on Rirmo and getting out of town.

Karolra Wintermoon
Spell: Glyph of Warding (PHB pg. 245)
Cup-making is a good profession, but difficult to become famous in. That's because any style or innovation can be copied by any competitor. But Karolra Wintermoon has managed to find purchase with her new “collapsible cups”, rocketing her to cup-making stardom. She ensures her products can't be copied by putting her own special rune on the bottom of every cup. If the cup is ever handled by a rival cup-maker, it self-destructs. But a cup-making wizard named Sanborn Ursdro has been dispelling the runes and stealing her design, and now Karolra seeks legal recourse. Or someone to convince Sanborn to stop stealing her ideas.

Sikas Jemmu
Spell: Haste (PHB pg. 250)
Sikas Jemmu is a bounty hunter in the city of Solrise. He uses a combination of precision weaponry and magical speed to outpace his targets and attack them relentlessly. But he's come up against a target that can generate magical force fields, meaning his speed is useless. He needs someone to take that shield down, even if for a second.

Mozi Vasquso
Spell: Hunger of Hadar (PHB pg. 251)
The Cult of Ybtarr worships it's namesake, a terrible eldritch abomination from beyond the edges of reality. They believe that mortal life is ultimately futile, and those who can truly separate themselves from their worldly ties and desires will be accepted into the void and granted a true purpose by Ybtarr. Their leader, Mozi Vasquso is a dour woman who facilitates this passage through an inky void. But recently, a surge of nationalism among the people of Ansai has ruined her membership numbers. People just care too much. She needs help finding new allies, before her following leaves her entirely.

Artists gotta art
Zon Ono
Spell: Hypnotic Pattern (PHB pg. 252)
Zon Ono is the most famed “artist” in Calhardo. He is sought after widely for his “living sculptures”, which involve the hypnosis and rearranging of random people who pass by his work space. The poses are interesting and evocative, but he's quite unpopular with those who are unwilling participants in his work. Zon claims to only see a person's artistic potential, not their desire to avoid being flopped on a pile of other people in a visually appealing manner. The local museum curator, Aysche Nunthak, needs help convincing King Calhoun that bringing Zon to the museum is a harmless endeavor. However, protests among the civilians have already begun.

Tamia Lionsbane
Spell: Leomund's Tiny Hut (PHB pg. 255)
Known around the world as The Mapper, Tamia Lionsbane is one of the most famed explorers and cartographers of this age. She camps anywhere in her trusty hut, enduring terrible storms and awful predators to chart the world's least-traveled regions. There are many whose lives have been saved by her work, but her bitter rival, Jaromil Sizonze isn't one of them. In fact, he resents her ability to travel anywhere she likes, and has taken to stealing her maps and selling them as his own. Tamia doesn't particularly care, since she lives off the land, but her supporters are trying to oust the nefarious Jaromil. They need someone with the skills or knowledge to do so.

Dr. Tunur Corasti
Spell: Life Transference (XGtE pg. 160)
In the city of Tarzumunein, the strong are not asked to fight wars or lift crates. Rather, they are told to go to Dr. Corasti’s Clinic, where Dr. Corasti takes their life force and transfers it to the sick and wounded. He is well-known and loves in the city, and giving a few years off your life to save a dying person has become something of an honor among the citizenry. But recently, the Prince of Tarzumunein was knocked over in the street, and his arm was broken. Dr. Corasti’s Clinic was nearby, and the Prince was rushed there. They were just about to start the transfusion when the Prince declared he wouldn't accept the life force of a commoner, who was about to give it to him. Dr. Corasti’s reputation is on the line, and he needs someone to sort this situation out.

Kihni Dandakt
Spell: Lightning Arrow (PHB pg. 255)
It is said that Kihni Dandakt is undefeatable in combat, and it's easy to see why. She fights unarmed, and with a touch she can turn her opponent's weapons, armor, and even limbs into harmless flashes of light. After winning countless battles in the Shasata Arena, she became a handler for the most dangerous monsters they pitted against fighters. But a recent capture lead to the Arena obtaining a water elemental, which her powers are ineffective against. She needs someone who can corral the thing for the next big monster match up.

Zarth Runebreaker
Spell: Lightning Bolt (PHB pg. 255)
The Dark Lord Zarth Runebreaker sits on his mountain top, overlooking the city of Nijehr. He has a scrying orb that allows him to see those who blaspheme him, and he uses his lightning to smite those who oppose him. The townsfolk are ready to revolt, but need someone who could actually defeat the Dark Lord and evade his scrying.

A much better Drow concept
Ruaku Zakiraya
Spell: Magic Circle (PHB pg. 256)
Though their real name is Ruaku Zakiraya, they are known as the Collector. They gather strange fiends, tortured celestials, and other odd creatures from their team of well-paid adventurers, and sell them at high prices. They don't ask their clients what fate awaits their prisoners, nor do they wish to know. But recently, rumors have been circulating about a strange monster living in the hills near Amnos. The Collector is interested, but their lackeys are a bit weak to capture such a creature. They want it here. Alive.

Adelisa Nikesh
Spell: Major Image (PHB pg. 258)
Life was never good enough for Adelisa Nikesh. When she came of age, she filled her Noble Manor with illusory images, furniture, creatures and accouterments. Adelisa began to treat her illusions as reality, spending more time talking with her own images than with real people. Her family is quite worried that she is losing touch with the real world, both socially and mentally. They are looking for someone to rescue their daughter from herself.

Nilom Chalan
Spell: Mass Healing Word (PHB pg. 258)
The Covingdall Prison is known for their caring, humane methods for rehabilitating prisoners. These ideas are exemplified by the Chief Warden, Nilom Chalan. He can heal with a word, and prefers a soft approach to justice. But Covingdall Prison was just sent one of the most notoriously brutal killers in the country, Alem Dema, and they aren't well-equipped to handle his outbursts. Nilom is looking for someone to help them out for a few weeks while they acclimate Alem to his new home.

Vaeri Raiio
Spell: Meld into Stone (PHB pg. 259)
About a decade ago, Vaeri Raiio was known as the best thief in the business, able to slip in and out of anywhere and steal anything. However, she was planning on performing one of her heists on the castle of Duke Sindra when she vanished mysteriously. Rumors spread that she had failed the job, but the truth was that she hadn't known about some construction going on in the castle that night. The stone she hid in was cut away and sealed in other stone, trapping her. Now, a new Duke, Lord Rolwok, has taken over the castle, and he has accidentally released Vaeri. She has appeared in the middle of the castle and needs help escaping her botched heist.

Ingot Jasperson
Spell: Melf's Minute Meteors (XGtE pg. 161)
Ingot Jasperson always knew the origins of his birth: his father was a Dao, a genie of Elemental Earth. But even his father was surprised when small rocks were drawn to Ingot, floating around his head and behaving like small pets. Ingot loves his stony friends, but they often attack those who upset him. He desperately wants to protect his friends, as well as the people around him.

The Mantis
Spell: Nondetection (PHB pg. 263)
The Library of Sgnihtynam is guarded by hundreds of Scrying sensors, spectral guardians, and traps that Dispel Magic of any unauthorized entrants. Which is why Curator Adimus Loraine is completely stumped as to how a rare book, Madame Formantia’s Mystical and Mysterious Trees, was stolen. All that was left was a note marked with a symbol of a Mantis. Curator Loraine needs help finding the one who left this note and ran off with his library's valuable knowledge!

Kozal Heduko
Spell: Phantom Steed (PHB pg. 265)
Kozal Heduko is a messenger for the Oostett Army. He uses his spectral mount to travel great distances, and deliver warnings and information with alarming speed. Among the generals of the army, he is quietly considered the reason for the army's survival. But Kozal is getting bored with running messages back and forth, no matter how important they say it is. He is looking for a new job, one that involves fighting, and he needs some training.

Dwarves make fine wizards, don't let their stats tell you otherwise
Nynette Marrow
Spell: Plant Growth (PHB pg. 266)
Rumors always follow Nynette Marrow, a salt merchant in the Daskines Lands. It's said that those who buy her salt are blessed with a bountiful harvest, and those who turn her away come to ruin. Recently, the rumors have been so pervasive that people think she is truly cursed, and they don't want to buy from her. But when the rumor turns out to be true, they feel more inclined to go along with the merchant and say nothing. The small town of Elderglen fears for their crops, and needs help ridding themselves of Nynette.

Sonam Nyima
Spell: Protection from Energy (PHB pg. 270)
Lukhangwa is the most prestigious monastery for training Monks in the Way of the Four Elements. Here, monk masters impart the techniques of harnessing earth, air, water, and fire into powerful combat tools. But the trainees don’t always get it right the first time, and that’s why Sonam Nyima was chosen as groundskeeper to the monastery. He is naturally impervious to the fiery blasts, icy shards, and lightning bolts of the monks, making him the perfect candidate for cleaning up after them. But though he is treated well and loves being at the monastery, Sonam has no talent for the Elemental Arts whatsoever. He’s convinced this is just because he hasn’t found the right teacher, and is looking for someone to train him properly.

Amelie Truethorn
Spell: Remove Curse (PHB pg. 271)
Amelie Truethorn is a healer with a powerful specialty. She is hired to break the curses of witches, devils, evil magic items, or even curses spread by bloodlines. Her home, a hut in the forest of Mythfall, has all manner of implements for curse-breaking, such as holy herbs and soul-dolls to transfer the curses onto. But recently, Baron Mazin of the nearby Castle Hollowtree became cursed by a powerful witch, too powerful for Amelie to counteract. She’s looking for a group of explorers or warriors to accompany her on a journey to find the cure for the terrible curse of the Baron. The details of the curse are far too embarrassing to speak aloud.

Rhys Hillsworn
Spell: Revivify (PHB pg. 272)
Over the course of his long life, Rhys Hillsworn was a well-respected warrior who was thought to have an endurance beyond what even the ancient demigod heroes could match. This was only partly true. Rhys has died several times in his life, but each time he has been brought back from the other side by some unknown force. His ability to fight on was more a result of this power than any natural endurance, though over his long fighting career he became an accomplished swordsman. But now, despite his heroic status, he is beginning to fear that he might never die. His old wounds, missing fingers and chunks of flesh, never fully healed after his resurrections, and he believes he could truly die if he were cleanly decapitated. To kill an innocent man would be a crime, and to kill a hero would be social suicide, so he can’t seem to find anyone willing to do it.

Cerys Aslett
Spell: Sending (PHB pg. 274)
All her life, Cerys Aslett had a deep connection to her mother Seline. It was more that just a maternal bond - they could send messages to each other psychically, no matter where they were. They were never truly separated, and their love for each other was strong and pure. That is, until Seline died. Cerys was grieving the loss of her mother when she received another message, from beyond the border of death itself. Her mother was still reaching out to her. Cerys, dealing with the loss of her closest confidant, believes she has gone insane and is looking for help severing the link so she can accept her mother’s death.

Nizo Copas
Spell: Sleet Storm (PHB pg. 276)
The small village of Cragglen was once the home of Nizo Copas, a boy with uncontrollable ice powers. Not a year ago, his powers began to manifest in times of sadness, starting as simple shivers but escalating up to a full blizzard. He ruined the crops for the year, and the village voted to have him exiled. He’s been wandering ever since, looking for something to help him control his powers, or at least make him feel happier.

Alva Devereux
Spell: Slow (PHB pg. 277)
Alva Devereux is a skilled fighter, with a fantastic trick up her sleeve. When she gets into a fight, time seems to slow to a crawl around her, allowing her to perform incredible feats such as dodging arrows and grabbing her opponent’s attacks. She loves the challenge of fighting, and though she doesn’t always win, her performances in the Jade Ox Arena always draw crowds. However, she is in love with a person who never visits the arena: Edwin Redvers, a noble who abhors fighting. Alva needs help getting her act together and showing Edwin that there’s more to her than just fighting skills.

Cyril Millikan
Spell: Speak with Dead (PHB pg. 277)
Cyril Millikan is a gravedigger in the City of Bolgal Kur. He is also the best source of rumors, hidden information, and family secrets in the city, due to his ability to speak to those beyond death. It all began with simply learning the stories of the dead, as a way to help him understand his own life better. But after getting his pay cut by the city council, he began to profit off selling the information he found. Cyril was turning quite the profit when he was caught, and is now on the run for practicing necromantic magic. He knows enough information to pay whoever can help him escape the city.

Aoki Momo
Spell: Speak with Plants (PHB pg. 277)
In the Shaban Forest, every plant answers to Amzi Rowan, an archdruid with a strong dislike for outsiders. They tell him who passes through the forest, and often he confronts the intruders and scares them off with druidic magic. But Aoki Momo, a young maiden from the nearby town of Damraong, wishes to befriend the grumpy old druid, starting with his beloved plants. She needs protection form the dangers of the forest while she convinces the trees that she is a good person.

This art is really good. Check it out!
Kiara Botros
Spell: Spirit Guardians (PHB pg. 278)
Since she was a child, spectral shapes surrounded Kiara Botros. Her parents were patient but worried, and when the shapes finally coalesced into the shape of fiends, they turned their daughter over to the Church of Aion. The priests raised the girl to hate her evil powers, but she never was able to extinguish the fiendish specters. She was unable to feel the warmth of another creature. The Church began to use her to remove their enemies, teaching her to sneak into homes and use her spirits to tear them limb from limb.  She complied with every request. That is, until she met Talim, an Aasimar boy who could come close to her without harm. Being half-angel is blasphemous to the Church of Aion, and when they discovered Kiara’s friend, they ordered him killed by her. She couldn’t, and now the pair need help escaping the wrath of the spurned church.

Eleazar Gale
Spell: Stinking Cloud (PHB pg. 278)
Eleazar Gale is a flatulist, a man who has excellent control over the gas he passes. But not only can he master the volume and length of his emissions, he can control the smell as well. With a well-placed toot he can clear a room, which is precisely when he begins his secondary job: stealing whatever people left behind in the stampede to flee his gas. He has gotten quite a reputation, and is now being hired for clearing out an entire museum to steal a rare artifact, The Monolith of Nightmares. He needs a crew to help him haul the massive artifact out of the building after he’s done his work. Cloth masks and nose clips will be provided.

Lilah Henley
Spell: Summon Lesser Demon (XGtE pg. 167)
Aldoz and Galfen are a pair of mischievous Quasits, small demons with the ability to turn invisible. They are the friends and guardians of Lilah Henley, a young girl who wishes the pair would just leave her alone. They play “pranks” on anyone who crosses her, often with grisly results. At first Lilah enjoyed the protection given by these unusually friendly demons, but after the horrific death of her parents, she is looking for someone to exorcise them. She doesn’t have any money, however, leaving her request unfulfilled.

Dalmus Barnur
Spell: Thunder Step (XGtE pg. 168)
Dalmus Barnur, a dwarven man of stout proportions, is a Mountain Jumper, or as other Dwarves call it, “Suicidal”. He builds gliding contraptions, climbs to the top of mountains, teleports off with a bang, and glides down to the bottom. He’s quite sturdy, but has suffered may wounds over the years and can’t run like he used to. On his last jump, his concussive blast disturbed a family of mountain trolls, who managed to follow him all the way down. Now, he’s on the run, and could use some help right now!

Latoya Seddon
Spell: Tidal Wave (XGtE pg. 168)
The pirate ship Chiormai is famous for running without sails, in any winds. That’s because its captain, Latoya Seddon, can create propelling waves of water behind her ship, moving forward without relying on the weather. Their maneuverability is unmatched, and they crush enemy ships and villages alike without mercy. But Latoya has found a small village known as Liessoix, which contains a powerful treasure sealed in a magical vault. The village chief, Lorenz Kandel, won’t tell the vault’s command word no matter how many waves pummel the village, and both sides are looking for assistance to end this stalemate.

Finn Ishier
Spell: Tiny Servant (XGtE pg. 168)
Finn Ishier is an assassin known for his ability to murder anyone, the richer they are, they easier the job. He simply animates their cutlery or jewelry, resulting in a terrifying display as the noble’s precious objects slay their owner. But recently, a revolutionary movement in the undercity of Inneste has caused Constantine Wolf, dubbed the “Pauper King”, to rise to power among the city’s beggars. Finn has been hired to kill this rebel, but the man doesn’t keep any valuables or sharp object nearby. The assassin is humbling himself and asking for help for the first time in his life.

Ruma Singer
Spell: Tongues (PHB pg. 283)
Thanks to her abilities, Ruma Singer works as the royal interpreter for King Ashor. Most visiting dignitaries believe she is like any other interpreter, simply well-versed in the language they speak by means of study. But in truth, Ruma can understand any language and speak it back to anyone. Thus, she found herself in a position to overhear one of the King’s allies, an envoy from the nation of Belgar, discussing plans of betrayal. But King Ashor is doubtful, and Ruma needs help finding proof of this imminent backstabbing.

Joras Ward
Spell: Vampiric Touch (PHB pg. 285)
Joras Ward has never been able to touch those around him without draining some of their power for himself. His family has been patient and caring, particularly his father Jonam. But the sense of superiority caused by his powers never faded, and soon Joras was leading a small cult devoted to his mystical powers. Jonam misses his son, and fears the worst. He is looking for someone to turn him back from the side of evil.

Next time, we'll finally get to the fourth-level spells. Hooray!

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