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Innate Magic People Part 3

This time, the artist is d-torres, a purveyor of the slightly weird
In Ahneria, nearly everyone can cast a little bit of magic, but some people can cast full-on spells. I decided it would be fun to detail out a set of NPCs based on the first level spells. As I said in the previous article, these are people who are somewhat common, but might have gained notoriety or fame based on their abilities.

This is the third in this series, and we finally get to third level spells. If these spells are properly applied, they can really change the way a person interacts with the world, so expect to see some powerful people.

Naddax Kront’tane
Spell: Flaming Sphere (PHB pg. 242)
The underdark city of Umo Ta’lari has only recently come under the salvation of Father Kront’tane, an imposing man with burning eyes and a deep voice. His church has a burning ball of fire at its peak, a holy sign granted to the city by the gods that this is the path of true worship. But the boon is not from the Gods, but Father Kront’tane himself. He is using his power to gain the servitude of the people of Umo Ta’lari, and some of them are beginning to get suspicious. He might need help quelling a rebellion, or the cityfolk might need help starting one.

Sister Doris
Spell: Gentle Repose (PHB pg. 245)
Sister Doris, always dressed in a smock and habit, runs the local cemetery, and is careful to keep the bodies of the fallen protected from necromantic magics. However, her work keeps her away from others, and she is feeling quite lonely. She is looking for a companion, or someone to do her job while she visits some relatives.

Andre Blankenship
Spell: Gust of Wind (PHB pg. 248)
In his heyday, Andre Blankenship was the loudest bugler for the Blackwell Army. He was so loud, in fact, that his playing was used as a signal to coordinate military attacks, giving the army an immeasurable advantage. But now, the war has ended, and so too has Andre’s duty. He is looking for a place to continue playing is favorite instrument, but he’s too loud to join any groups. He needs help finding work, or figuring out how to soften the volume of his instrument.

Spell: Healing Spirit (XGtE pg. 157)
Dawynn is an elderly elven druid, deeply connected to the land and its magic. She is especially sought out for healing, as he magic is drawn from the natural power of the world and grants its recipient deep satisfaction. Dawynn is nearing the end of her life, and after deep contemplation, she wishes to join the Fey Courts of the Summer Queens. But the faerie are a prideful bunch, and they are unlikely to accept just a simple healer. Dawynn needs help completing a deed of great mystery or intrigue, so she may live her final years out in peace among the fey.

Zumin Ravenbrow
Spell: Heat Metal (PHB pg. 250)
In the fencing pits of Djelki, Zumin Ravenbrow is a bit of a local legend. He doesn’t have a perfect winning streak, but nearly all of his wins come from disarming his opponent. His secret? Just a bit of heat on the handle of a rapier during a strike, and the sword is on the ground, his opponent thinking it was his sword that dealt the stinging blow. But Zumin has recently been asked to enter a mixed-weapon duelist’s tournament, which includes wooden weapons like staves and clubs. His pride demands he rise to the challenge, but he needs someone to train him to fight opponents who are still armed!

Stody Crimson
Spell: Hold Person (PHB pg. 251)
In the stronghold of Cumarine, Stody Crimson is a transporter of some of the vilest criminals in Isoware. His unique ability to restrain problem inmates with his magic has earned him a top spot among the guards. But now, a devilishly clever mastermind, Diazoll Stiox, has been captured and needs to be taken to trial. Stody is worried his mental magic won’t be enough to restrain the villain, and is looking for someone to help him guard this prisoner.

Casting spells like Gnome-body's business
Shai Luem
Spell: Invisibility (PHB pg. 254)
Shai Luem leads the White Foxes, a small gang in the big city of Wrylax. She came into power thanks to her incredibly useful ability to turn invisible, and ever since has been leading her incredibly stealthy gang to greater and greater heists. She uses her ability to train new recruits in the art of stealth and awareness. However, Tiri Serse, a new recruit, doesn’t think training against an invisible thief is fair, and Shai is worried that this dissent will spread through her ranks. She needs someone outside the gang to create an “accident” that will teach the kid a lesson.

Williem Learlock
Spell: Knock (PHB pg. 254)
In Castle Phloxi, Williem Learlock acts as the groundskeeper and locksmith for the King. He is excellent at his job, and his ability to instantly open any door in the keep allows him to catch thieves, spies, and servants caught in throes of passion. Last night, he was in the middle of catching a gardener and a handmaiden making out in a closet, and the loud noise from his magic woke a Duchess visiting the castle. Duchess Jessamine was at Castle Phloxi for her wedding today, and is absolutely furious. Now, Williem needs someone to calm the Duchess before he loses something dear to him, and not just his job.

Ariadne Keene
Spell: Lesser Restoration (PHB pg. 255)
Ariadne Keene is the Head Nurse at Lady Puffsnoggles’ School for Magical Misfits. She’s well known for curing up illnesses in an instant, using her magic to patch up colds and keep pneumonia at bay. But recently, a dark creature slipped into the school and nearly drained the life of Carmine Winter, a much-loved student at Lady Puffsnoggles’. Her magic simply isn’t enough to help the lad, and she’s looking for someone to restore him to his former self.

Kromdal Fargrun
Spell: Levitate (PHB pg. 255)
Ever since he was a lad, Kromdal Fargrun has had a perfectly rational fear of heights. It was rational because he often began to float up into the air, seemingly at random intervals and heights. He never knew when he’d stop floating up, or when the spell would end and send him hurtling back to the ground. After a few traumatic experiences that a well-placed net couldn’t fix, he began working in the local mine at a young age. The constant ceilings provided a deep comfort, as did the requirements that each dwarf in the clan be tied down while working on steep slopes and vertical tunnels. But now, Kromdal has been asked to start work in the ambitious Ranvian Conduit, a project to construct a huge vertical shaft for resource transportation. He needs help controlling his powers or getting over his fears, or he risks losing his job.

Isolde Juniper
Spell: Locate Animals or Plants (PHB pg. 256)
Granny Isolde Juniper is famous in the city of Xycrest for two things: her plant collection, and her apple pies. She works as a herbalist, offering medicines made from rare ingredients and strange plants. She also knows exactly what plants are in season for nearly five miles outside the city walls, without even leaving her house! But recently, a young girl named Dahlia Farvarrow came down with a fever that even magic didn’t seem to phase. The only solution is to find the Healing Pale Cress, a rare flower that can supposedly cure any illness. Granny Juniper needs an escort to help her cross the country and find the rare herb.

Sometimes, a little magic goes a long way
Eon Moolman
Spell: Locate Objects (PHB pg. 256)
Most people who lack organization claim they know where everything is in their mess. But that’s even more true for Eon Moolman, who can tell, with pinpoint accuracy, the location of any item in his villa. It’s especially impressive, since most of his villa is stacked with knick knacks, odds and ends, and trash from a lifetime of collecting. But recently, a thief stole a small music box from his home while he slept, and he can’t track down something outside the confines of his home. The box has deep sentimental value to him, and he’ll pay good money to get it back. Or at least, he’ll let someone pick some interesting stuff from his collection.

Desa Kashim
Spell: Magic Mouth (PHB pg. 257)
Lady Desa Kashim, Ventriloquist extraordinaire, recently faced every performer’s worst nightmare. It was right in the middle of the show, when she was having several dummies sing in harmony, a highlight of the act. She hadn’t had much time to prepare, and one of the dummies sang the name of King Gerren - the hated rival of King Merren, whose court she was performing in! Now, she’s in jail, and looking for someone to pay her bail or clear her name.

Wyatt Narcine
Spell: Magic Weapons (PHB pg. 237)
During the War of the Everborn, Wyatt Narcine was key in several decisive victories for the country of Vothua. His blessings, granted by the War God Kyln, imbued magical strength into the blades of the warriors of Vothua. But in the end, Vothua was defeated by the Knights of Ashax. Ashax is now holding Vothua’s former soldiers on trial, and Wyatt needs to prove his talents are worth keeping him alive for. He needs someone to speak on his behalf, or prove that his powers can be used for the good of Ashax.

Nishih Massi
Spell: Maximilian's Earthen Grasp (PHB pg. 161)
Nishih Massi runs the crypt of the small town of Greypost, and is an unrelenting practical joker. She uses her powers to make shadows appear around corners, tap visitors on the shoulder, and rearrange candles when nobody's looking. It’s all very hilarious to her. But the joy of her pranks has been lost on traveling priest Avedis Artinian, who immediately declared the site shut down when he arrived in Greypost and experienced her antics. Now, Nishih needs to figure out a way to reopen the crypt and get her job back, or at least drive Avedis out of town.

Isac Lundin
Spell: Melf's Acid Arrow (PHB pg. 259)
The care of the Iris River has been passed down the Lundin family line for generations. Now, Isac Lundin, a young and magically skilled ranger, has been granted the honor of taking care of the source of the River, a mystical spring that spurts forth from the ground without any sort of origin. But while chasing hunters away from the sacred site, Isac’s arrow of acid struck the source of the River, causing the water to become spoiled. He is looking for someone to help purify the river as penance for his actions.

Nikos Kyprou
Spell: Mind Spike (PHB pg. 162)
Nikos Kyprou is well-known as a doctor specializing in migraines and headaches, especially for the rich and famous. But he runs a small business on the side, where he uses his magic to set lower class people up with his clients. He causes a headache in the well-to-do’s that visit him, then tracks their location, ensuring they will come across the  commoner that seeks them. As soon as the noble sees the peasant, he makes the headache vanish - which has been mistaken for love on more than one occasion. But recently, one of his lower-class clients, Jesstin Belling, turned out to be a real jerk, and the plan didn’t work. Now, Jesstin is threatening to expose Nikos’s secret, and Nikos is looking for help maintaining his cover.

A side effect of this project is I have plenty of random characters to fill my games
Aeres Cadogan
Spell: Mirror Image (PHB pg. 260)
In the monastery of Ostrus, Master Keenak teaches his students to be one with their mind and body. But a young acolyte, Aeres Cadogan, is having difficulty with this. She is able to create illusory duplicates of herself, and Master Keenak’s philosophy isn’t really helping her figure out how to be one when she is naturally many. She is looking for a new teacher, or maybe someone who can escort her to a different monastery.

Victor Vântu
Spell: Misty Step (PHB pg. 260)
Victor Vântu is a paranoid and secretive prince. He built a special room in the back of his castle that is completely sealed off, with no doors and windows, and magically reinforced to keep it from being harmed. The only way in was for him to look at a painting of the room and use his magic to teleport inside, since the painting was detailed enough to act as if he could see where he was teleporting. But after an assassination attempt on his life, Victor’s painting was damaged and he can’t get back into his room. He’s looking for an artist to replace the painting, and they need to have an uncanny ability to create realistic images.

Delia Tawnycress
Spell: Moonbeam (PHB pg. 261)
In the Mercenary Company of Vrahir, Delia Tawnycress specializes in finding shapeshifters and invisible threats. She uses her magic to expose them, then disposes of them with a wide array of poisons and blades. But she recently got a call to hunt down a Yochlol, a shapeshifting demon of great strength. The problem is, she and K’eon Saiz, the mercenary specializing in demon hunting, are bitter rivals. She’s looking for someone to join her on this job before she and K’eon end up killing each other.

Tristan Mendoza
Spell: Nystul's Magic Aura (PHB pg. 263)
Tristan Medoza runs The Third Wish, a small magic shop in the city of Leviaren. He dabbles in the arcane but tries to avoid the divine, as every cleric and paladin he meets swears he is an angel and declares fealty to him. At first it was interesting, but now he just wants to be left alone. And in a few days, a massive congregation of clerics is scheduled to occur in Leviaren. Tristan is looking for someone to run his shop while he gets out of town for the week.

Allegra Rapture
Spell: Pass Without Trace (PHB pg. 264)
The city of Flurus has spared no expense in finding the safehouse of Allegra Rapture, a notorious criminal that seems to make outlaws disappear from under their noses. Now, they have brought in a Gold Dragon named Hiorvu to investigate, a creature obsessed with justice and capable of great perception, not to mention its ability to shapeshift into a humanoid. Allegra is looking for help all over the underworld for those who can help her combat the city’s draconic trump card.

In Ahneria, it's best not to judge a person until you know if they can cast a Fireball at you
Rowan Jolho
Spell: Phantasmal Force (PHB pg. 264)
Since he was a boy, Rowan Jolho has gotten advice from Jarrah, an elvish creature that only he could see. This isn’t all that unusual - children often have imaginary friends. But trouble came when Rowan tried to stop listening to Jarrah. Jarrah didn’t appreciate that very much, and started tormenting Rowan. At first, it was simply teasing, but then cuts and bruises started appearing on Rowan’s skin. His parents tried divine and arcane magics, but Jarrah won’t go away. They are looking for help confronting this strange invisible foe.

Ivi Condu
Spell: Prayer of Healing (PHB pg. 267)
In the fields of Glynhorn, Ivi Condu is considered a fine elven priest of Corellon Larethian. They deliver rousing speeches to the congregation, comforting and refreshing those who hear them. But recently, Ivi was taken by the wanderlust so common to elves, and they wish to be free from their duties to the community. But the other elves have grown accustomed to the pleasures of Ivi’s sermons, and are asking them to find a replacement before they leave on their journey.

Shemsia Iyasu
Spell: Protection from Poison (PHB pg. 270)
Shemsia Iyasu is a bit of a myth among the wizards of Sireth. She’s real enough, but her claims of being able to guide travelers through the planes of the Abyss are a bit far-fetched. However, last night, a demon appeared in her home, driving her out and taking over the place. The rumors were true, but now Shemsia needs help ousting this unwelcome visitor from another plane.

Lemuel Darge
Spell: Pyrotechnics (XGtE pg. 163)
Princess Tesfaye Biru is widely considered the most beautiful woman in all of Coralis. She’s caught the eye of every man in the capital, but none more so than Lemuel Darge, the Royal Firework maker. However, he’s been regularly scarred and disfigured by his work, and isn’t exactly of noble blood. He needs help convincing the princess that his love is true!

Sorin Coscis
Spell: Ray of Enfeeblement (PHB pg. 271)
Sorin Coscis was once the head torturer for the Artremu Empire. His favorite method was forcing his subjects to hold heavy objects above their heads, then slowly weakening them using his magic until they gave in or were crushed from the pain. But the Artremu Empire was recently overthrown by the Republic of Calarai, and torture is now heavily frowned upon. Bereft of the glory and salary of his former life, he’s looking for someone who could use his skills in interrogation.

Ibiscus Overscape
Spell: Rope Trick (PHB pg. 272)
Ibiscus Overscape lives two lives, both of them quite notorious. By day, she is Hibiscus, a “Rope Tamer” that uses her magic to perform for nobility. By night, she uses her abilities to conduct elaborate heists as Ibis Overwall. Many people have made the connection between the show-woman Hibiscus and the criminal Ibis Overwall, but by the time they figure things out, she’s gone, off to the next city. But heavy rain has prevented her from leaving the city of Tsunaloch, and Ibiscus is looking for a safe place to hide out from the authorities until she can flee.

Sigurd Abway
Spell: Scorching Ray (PHB pg. 273)
The Church of the Bright One is a prestigious and tightly-held society within the city of Hyran, and anyone who rises in its ranks is sure to live a life of honor and luxury. Archbishop Abway has worked hard to get to the high ranks of the organization, despite his shameful secret: he can cast arcane magic, a forbidden art among the constituency. A commoner recently learned about this fact when she saw the Archbishop heating his tea with his hands, and Sigurd needs someone from outside the church to keep her quiet before he is exposed.

Just doing my job, sir
Eleni Oromo
Spell: See Invisibility (PHB pg. 274)
Elani Oromo is a high-ranking guard at the Palace of Kahsou. She has shot up through the ranks recently because of her unbelievable capture of magical assassins heading for King Shale - and not only once, but twice! She has been enjoying the benefits of his promotion, but the other guards have been quite suspicious of her abilities and jealous of her rank. She’s begun to face hazing from the other guards, and needs help improving her reputation.

Khione Myst
Spell: Shadow Blade (XGtE pg. 164)
The Black Blade of the Wraithborn has been the subject of much speculation and fear over the years. However, its wielder, Khione Myst, has always done enough good in the world that the rumors have been found baseless. But Khione has been doing less work recently, getting tired of a hero’s toil. Gossip and rumors are starting to spring up once again, and Khione needs help quelling them.

Iyas Nyakio
Spell: Shatter (PHB pg. 275)
Iyas Nyakio, the Royal Architect of Rileth, also dabbles in his own brand of explosive demolition. He is fortunate that King Jungso often demands buildings be rebuilt or moved around, because it keeps his pockets full and his workers happy. But during a demonstration to a visiting magistrate, Iyas injured a worker and embarrassed the king. Now, his job is in peril, and he needs help building a magnificent tower to appease the King. But, he’s having trouble finding hands that are willing to work with him.

Cua Ka Thao
Spell: Silence (PHB pg. 275)
Since she was a young girl, Cua Ka Thao couldn’t speak or hear anything. She lived in a world of abject silence, and for some time she was accepted and assisted by her friends and family. But people began to notice they couldn’t speak as loudly around her, and eventually her silence emanated to anyone near her. She was cast out of Tapolog, and given enough to live on, but nobody to travel with. She still longs for love and companionship, though she will never be able to say so.

Samira Momeni
Spell: Skywrite (XGtE pg. 165)
Samira Momeni is the best party planner in the city of Kloria. She uses her magical talents to “Personalize the Skies” for her clients, granting them their own personal messages in the air over their parties. This particularly appeals to the nobility, who love the idea that everyone in 5 miles could know they are throwing a gala. But this does leave Samira a bit preoccupied during the party itself, and the gala she is currently running is missing a pair of swans specifically requested by the host. She’s looking for someone who can go capture some swans for her while she maintains the party.

Chief Kaskae
Spell: Snilloc's Snowball Swarm (XGtE pg. 165)
As a young boy, Chief Kaskae of the Ikiaq tribe would play with his brothers, throwing snowballs back and forth across the icy plains. He always won, but never boasted or bragged about it. He always stayed on good terms, to make sure his brothers would want to play with him again. Those diplomatic skills now serve him well as the Chieftain of his tribe, but he’s still an incorrigible prankster who loves throwing snowballs at his friends and family. His brothers, Kanosak and Qilaq, think he needs a wake-up call to get him to break his childish habits, and are looking for someone to stage an attack on the tribe and bring him to his senses.

Nilam Kipli
Spell: Spider Climb (PHB pg. 277)
Nilam Kipli is a famous monk with a rather large following. She claims to have reached enlightenment by hanging upside-down from the ceiling for several weeks. Nilam teaches about new perspectives, dealing with pain, and not wearing dresses. However, a new spiritual leader, Hamda Jammat, has been claiming to gain enlightenment from holding his breath underwater. She’s quickly losing followers, and needs help re-establishing her congregation.

Just a humble gardener
Radomir Dobrowski
Spell: Spike Growth (PHB pg. 277)
Evil Overlord Barnaby Scourge likes to keep his castle grim, foreboding, and tidy. And part of that task is accomplished by Radomir Dobrowski, his Evil Gardener. Radomir is working on a beautiful spike garden for his master, but since spikes are his specialty, he doesn’t quite have the skills to get some large carnivorous flowers to offset the greenery. He’s looking for some poor saps (or evil explorers) to gather some large deadly plants for him.

Nox Turness
Spell: Spiritual Weapon (PHB pg. 278)
Knightess Nox Turness is a feared warrior in the lands of Awykos. Her magic weapon is bonded to her soul, and it changes every time she slays a foe. The weapon takes on the form of her late opponent’s weapon, and she has been trained in the use of every weapon known to man in order to become a great knight. But recently, she was tasked to kill a massive demon with a gargantuan sword. She can barely lift the thing, much less kill a foe with it. She needs someone to help her wield the sword and crush an enemy with it so it reverts back to a normal weapon.

Kamil Luckow
Spell: Suggestion (PHB pg. 279)
Several years ago, Prince Edwin Lundvik, an intelligent and ambitious young man, was researching ancient lore when he stumbled across a forbidden secret, which burrowed into his mind and took control of him. The King discovered the cause of the Prince’s change in behavior, and summoned Kamil Luckow, a local hypnotist, to convince the Prince he was still his normal self. So far, things have been kept quiet, but Kamil is tired of hypnotizing the Prince three times a day. He’s looking for someone to modify the Prince’s memory so he can get back to his life.

Bansari Mirza
Spell: Warding Bond (PHB pg. 287)
Bansari Mirza Is the bodyguard of Duchess Odeta, and the two are never without each other. Bansari uses a special magic to ward her mistress from harm, taking some of the damage herself. But when an assassin finally made an attempt on Duchess Odeta’s life, it was Bansari that ended up seriously injured. Now, Duchess Odeta is looking for a healer that can stop the deadly venom meant for her.

Kylan Hildor
Spell: Warding Wind (XGtE pg. 170)
The War between Jorphis and Vlihalm is going well. General Kylan Hildor, known as the Howling Wind, stands atop the battlements of Castle Jorphis and directs his troops fearlessly, arrows flying away from the winds that surround him. But recently, rumors have begun circulating that the army of Vlihalm is developing a ballista so great that General Hildor’s winds won’t be able to deflect it. The General is looking for spies to infiltrate Vlihalm and destroy any plans they might be creating.

Drow gotta do what a Drow gotta do
Drisdriira Olonrae
Spell: Web (PHB pg. 287)
Drisdriira Olonrae is a young Drow woman who has been blessed with Lolth’s power of webs ever since she was a little girl. As soon as she came of age, she was entered into the Order of Priestesses, and her family expected great things from her. However, she turned out to be an utter disappointment in every area but magic. She can’t remember the prayers and rituals, she has accidentally insulted the high priestess on multiple occasions, and she nearly lost her head when she forgot her manners before the Matron Mother of House Vierlae. The Priestesses have tasked her with finding and capturing a traitorous Drow in the underdark city of Olhrion, and she needs an escort to get her there safely before she loses her only chance at a better life.

Serije Gogov
Spell: Zone of Truth (PHB pg. 289)
They say the Hall of Justice in Panying is the safest place to negotiate, but also the worst place to keep secrets. That’s because the corridors are stalked by Serije Gogov, a shifty man who often passes as a janitor in the Hall. He uses his powers to force high-ranking parties to tell the truth, then sells their secrets to their rivals. But recently, King Azarah of Nagr has traced a leak of information back to the Hall of Justice, and is hatching a plot to expose whoever sold his secrets. Serije needs help hiding away until the pressure has eased.

Vasilika Turpin
Spell: Animate Dead (PHB pg. 212)
Vasilika Turpin doesn’t get along with other people. It might be the skulls on her robes, her dark makeup and hair, or maybe the fact that she mostly hangs out with the undead. From a young age, Vasilika found comfort in those that obey her commands and can’t talk back, but that preference has gotten her ousted from civil society. At first she was alright with it, but after years of fending off knights and mercenaries, she’s gotten a bit jealous of people who can live normal lives. She’s tried to rejoin society, but invariably gets frustrated when people don’t obey her commands. Vasilika is looking for someone to help her understand how to fit in again, but who also won’t disobey her in the meantime.

Morvarax Iruuth
Spell: Aura of Vitality (PHB pg. 216)
The Utherzex Hunters are one of the strongest teams in the Iruuth clan. That’s because they have a little secret: Morvarax Iruuth, a young dragonborn boy who always accompanies them on hunts. He stands in the center of the group while they take on Gnolls, Goblins, and other monsters, firing arrows and healing the more experienced hunters. However, the Boqra Hobgoblin Tribe has recently been using explosive urns to attack the Utherzex Hunters, and they are worried Morvarax will get hurt. They are looking for some sort of magical fire protection for him.

Uridove Primalis
Spell: Beacon of Hope (PHB pg. 217)
Uridove Primalis is the Warrior Queen of Twai, and she is known for her fierce and inspiring presence on the battlefield. She rides forth with her trusted knights, the Moriwa Legion, and they decimate their foes. But recently, their enemies have gotten more dangerous. No longer fighting goblins and gnolls, they now face Orcish armies. The Moriwa Legion is fearful that their Queen will fall in battle, and is looking for some better armor for her. Something powerful and perhaps legendary would do the trick.

Caito Qilan
Spell: Bestow Curse (PHB pg. 218)
Ever since Caito Qilan began to come of age, he noticed his life had a sort of equilibrium. Whenever he was happy, ill luck would befall those around him. A kind and empathetic person, this troubled Caito greatly. He resolved to keep himself from getting overly joyous, so those around him didn’t have to suffer. But recently, he crossed paths with Xan Lee, a charming boy from the city of Eldim. They’ve spent time together on several occasions, and Caito finds it hard to restrain his happiness when Xan is around. He’s looking for some powerful good luck charms to give Xan as a gift, so the same fate doesn’t befall the others in his life.

Not the brightest knight in the night
Lila Mirro
Spell: Blinding Smite (PHB pg. 219)
Lila Mirro is a paladin, serving the God of Light, Pelor. She shines her armor to a mirror polish every day, so she practically glimmers even when she isn’t in the sunlight. And when she unleashes her signature Blinding Smite, her armor makes the radiant flash even more effective! But recently, she was asked to defeat the Mud Monster of the Brakenridge Swamp. Such a beast would surely dampen her powerful brightness, and she’s looking for assistance. Another paladin would be nice, or maybe just a wizard who can magically clean her armor in the battle.

The Glimpse
Spell: Blink (PHB pg. 219)
The people of the town of Delvinshire are looking for help. They believe a strange spirit is stealing their food and belongings! It only appears for a brief moment before it blinks back out of existence. They call it The Glimpse, and they will pay what little they have if someone were to rid them of it.

Constance Trader
Spell: Call Lightning (PHB pg. 220)
Constance Trader has always been rained on as long as she can remember. It’s not her fault, the clouds just open up into a downpour wherever she goes. After leaving her hometown, she quickly found work watering farmer’s crops and obscuring enemy intel for the army of Rokinu. But this year, the rainy season has gone on especially long, and she’s hurting for money. Nobody needs her services when nature is already providing! She’s looking for work, or someone to figure out how to otherwise use her powers.

See you in a couple weeks, when we really power through the third-level spells.

Thanks for reading!

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