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Innate Magic People Part 5

This week's artist is 000Fesbra000. This is one of their more normal pictures...
In Ahneria, nearly everyone can cast a little bit of magic, but some people can cast full-on spells. I decided it would be fun to detail out a set of NPCs based on the first level spells. As I said in the previous article, these are people who are somewhat common, but might have gained notoriety or fame based on their abilities.

This is the fifth in this series, and we are finally through the fourth level spells. The power of these spells means their users are easily able to influence the world... or they will be sought out and used for that influence.

Venru “Sandbreather” Talino
Spell: Wall of Sand (XGtE pg. 170)
Venru “Sandbreather” Talino is the leader of the Taliro tribe, the greatest guides and hunters in the Szingape desert. She is known for “adopting” anyone who wishes to join her band of warriors, but also for killing those who betray her by drowning them in sand. Venru is feared and respected, but recently a wizard named Cornelius Yornave invaded part of the desert and is putting up quite a fight. Venru needs help dealing with this pesky intruder, without losing face among her warriors.

Saem vic Falknor
Spell: Wall of Water (XGtE pg. 170)
Known as The Saint, Saem vic Falknor has a gift for rescuing people from burning buildings, by placing a protective wall of water around them. He works in the arid city of Brendori, so work is always plentiful. But he might be doing too well. The queen, Neliria, has cut the fire response guild’s budget again, leaving Saem without the support he needs to do his job. The reason? Saem The Saint is just so great, nobody else is needed. Saem needs help, both putting out fires and convincing the king to renew his funding

Lux Loziet
Spell: Water Breathing (PHB pg. 287)
Lux Loziet is a master spy, trained in underwater infiltration. She has been assigned to gather information about the Zudasath merfolk, a tribe that has been displaying unusual hostility as of late. However, she's been captured by their scouts. She's in no danger of drowning, but does need help escaping and bringing back vital information to her superiors.

Ean Connyn
Spell: Water Walk (PHB pg. 287)
Ean Connyn is a noble in the city of Voxis, and he was once well-loved by the people. He had a miraculous ability to walk on water, which convinced most folks that he was ordained by Pusoi, the God of the people. But since his rule, he hasn't done a great job at maintaining his image, and disaster after disaster seems to befall him. Rumors are going around that he was never really ordained, and he needs help quelling the gossip while getting into the good graces of their God.

Stare into the glow-y orb of destiny!
Marei Benoit
Spell: Wind Wall (PHB pg. 288)
The Knights of Ashana have traveled deep into Penemere Swamp, known for being filled with terrible poisonous gasses, looking for the Shririn Flower to heal the King’s illness. They’ve used magic to protect themselves so far, but they are running out of the vital components for the spell. They hear that a recluse lives in the swamp, protecting themselves with a barrier of wind. They need to find this enigmatic figure before it's too late, and they succumb to the poison.

Naseefa Mehmed
Spell: Arcane Eye (PHB pg. 214)
Naseefa Mehmed is an elderly oracle for King Orazio, and she is his primary source of information on current events and major news. She is treated well, but this is hardly the first lord she’s worked for. She recently foresaw the rise of an old ruler who once used her services, and was very cruel to her. Vernon Trimbur is rising in power, and though King Orazio is planning to protect her, Naseefa wants help finding a safe place to hide until the conflict has passed.

Lance Calia
Spell: Aura of Life (PHB pg. 216)
The souls of the dead should stay at rest. But the souls of the violently murdered seem to always return for revenge, in the form of powerful Wights and Wraiths. Lance Calia is a hunter of such spirits, using his magical abilities to protect himself from the most terrible attacks by the undead. Due to his rare boon, he is well-known and well paid for his services, but this has drawn the attention of Zelia the Lich. Zelia is responsible for many of the undead that have crossed Lance’s path, and now wants revenge on the hunter. Lance is looking for an adventurous group to face off against the terrible Zelia.

Cosima Falyc
Spell: Aura of Purity (PHB pg. 216)
Cosima Falyc wanders the lands of Aswon, on a mission to heal the plague that wracks its people. She is a simple, humble person, and doesn't seek recompense beyond food and shelter. This has unfortunately backfired, and many see her as a Messiah, here to deliver them from this cursed sickness. Word of her deeds has even spread to Kantau, the holy city, where the priests of Kuzona have been praying for the illness to end. Though they should be on the same side, the priests are jealous that Cosima is getting credit for healing the sick. Cosima needs help fending off the mercenaries they send after her.

Drake Midnight
Spell: Banishment (PHB pg. 217)
Drake Midnight works in the underworld of the city of Harrthol, and he is called in when things get bad. Not local militia bad, but divine retribution bad. Drake Midnight is known as the Angel Hunter, and he’s able to provide protection for criminals who have gotten on the bad side of celestial law. He carries plenty of foul weapons and unholy implements, but he specializes in banishing the do-gooders to their distant home planes. Recently, though, the mob boss Sevsio “The Barber” Carte has drawn such ire upon himself that the higher powers sent an Empyrean to smite him. Not only is such a being way outside Drake’s pay range, the demigod can simply shift back to town the following day, rendering Drake’s power ineffective. He needs help taking down this persistent celestial.

Some magic is just meant to be unscrupulous, you know?
Nizsm Hajjar
Spell: Blight (PHB pg. 219)
Nizsm Hajjar is known as the Mummy King, for his power to drain those who oppose him of every drop of water in their body. His advisors fear him, and the other nobles have taken to placating their leader to protect themselves. His power has gone to his head, and he rules the kingdom of Kenate with cruelty and wanton violence. This, of course, has lead to revolution brewing, and the commoners are looking for heroes who can withstand the King’s awful power.

Elenwen Moonfall
Spell: Charm Monster (XGtE pg. 151)
In the swamps of Nissawood, Elenwen Moonfall the Witch collects all sorts of odd and dangerous creatures to add to her menagerie. She charms them with her magic, then has them perform chores, dance, and generally keep her company in her little hut. But recently, an ogre she kept as a pet woke up from its magically-induced stupor and tore off into the swamp. Elenwen wants her ogre, who she affectionately named Zid, returned unharmed from the dangerous swamps.

Blush Bishop
Spell: Compulsion (PHB pg. 224)
Blush Bishop is a world-infamous bard, known for her inspired songs, quick fingers, and ability to disappear into crowds with almost magical ease. People love her music, and seems to stand directly between her and any guards who might chase after her. But her penchant for thievery has gotten her in trouble. She stole a cursed glass of finding that allows the guards in Nohane city to track her location, and not only that, it just so happens to be bonded directly to her. She needs help breaking the curse and getting out of town before she's finally apprehended.

Balthazar Jebel
Spell: Confusion (PHB pg. 224)
In the seedy underbelly of the Town of Oflua, Dr. Balthazar Jebel helps people relax and forget their troubles. Well, forget most of everything, really. This mind-bending physician locks his patients in safe rooms, then releases their consciousness from their mind, helping them relax and get some stress off. Nobody remembers exactly what they do in the room, but they all come out feeling refreshed and exhausted. The sheriff of Oflua, Iuni Lavea, is highly suspicious of Dr. Jebel, and has petitioned the Town’s baron to outlaw this mystical practice. Now, Dr. Jebel is even more cautious, but his services are still in high demand. He’s looking for a way to return to his old business practice.

Zara Featherrun
Spell: Conjure Minor Elementals (PHB pg. 226)
Known as the Baroness of Granite Wings, Zara Featherrun is a noble in the City of Caoqaso who is always surrounded by her obedient gargoyle servants. She summons her minions to get what she wants from negotiations and interrogations, earning her quite the sinister reputation among her fellow nobles. Recently, someone has been shattering the gargoyles who watch over her keep, and she will pay good money to know who is doing this. She doesn’t need help punishing them once they are found.

Cruel as a cucumber
Grusk Canars
Spell: Conjure Woodland Beings (PHB pg. 226)
Grusk Canars is known as a hurricane in half-orc form, as his drinking habits tend to leave any tavern he enters absolutely demolished and indescribably wealthy. He keeps up his drinking habits by bringing along Satyr friends, who trained him in the ways of the heavy drinker and provide valuable faerie gold for the owners of the bar. By the time the gold turns back into dirt, Grusk and his goat-footed friends are long gone. But more and more taverns have been turning Grusk away, as his reputation is becoming known. He needs help quelling some nasty rumors (that happen to be true) so he can get back to partying.

Avyi Alekou
Spell: Control Water (PHB pg. 227)
Known as the Queen of the Cliff Rocks, Avyi Alekou is a grumpy old woman who lives in a small shack on the shores of Marangu. Though the waves lap at the base of her hut, her home hasn’t budged an inch in over 50 years. Any ships that draw to close, however, are not spared the water’s wrath, as her booming voice can be heard cursing them for disturbing her. The King of Leontios, a country hoping to reclaim Marangu, is looking for someone to dethrone this false Queen.

Milosh Lismore
Spell: Death Ward (PHB pg. 230)
Milosh Lismore is a daredevil with a thrilling secret: he can’t die from physical harm. Along with his trusted plant Tsura Carter, he moves from town to town, showing off his skills, while Tsura makes bets with the audience whether or not Milosh will survive. Milosh leaps off bridges, carries huge boulders, and fights terrible monsters, always surviving just long enough to allow plenty of money to be placed on his success. Then, when he “dies”, Tsura collects their winnings. The problem is, someone in the small town of Absyrna saw Milosh walk away from a stunt, based on the angry mob that has come to knock on Tsura’s door. Milosh and Tsura need to get out of town discreetly, hopefully taking out whoever saw Milosh along the way, and they need help doing so discreetly.

The Whisper
Spell: Dimension Door (PHB pg. 233)
In Kloster City, nobody is safe from The Whisper. Her real name is unknown, but she is a professional abductor who teleports people away in the blink of an eye. Where they go, only she and her employer knows. Rumors abound who her next target will be, and with the recent edicts issued by Sheriff Maxine Turner against the mob bosses of Kloster City, everyone is expecting him to disappear soon. However, he has sequestered himself in a hallowed room where teleportation magic simply doesn’t function. The Whisper is looking for an assistant to trick Sheriff Turner into leaving his room, so she can steal him away. She will pay extremely well.

Blue Dantes
Spell: Divination (PHB pg. 234)
Blue Dantes is an oracle of great power, who serves the nobility of the country of Zalares. The royalty lavish them with gifts and gold, hoping for insights into the next war or power struggle. But recently, Blue has noticed their predictions aren’t as accurate anymore. Xureus, the God of Time, has turned his favor away from the seer. Blue needs help fleeing the country before their reputation is completely destroyed, and the nobility sees fit to make them disappear.

Old Guy who totally isn't Geralt from Witcher III is now a trope
Fabian Topas
Spell: Dominate Beast (PHB pg. 234)
At the Grand Phoenix Circus, folks can expect to see all manner of amazing feats performed by animals from around the world. The Circus’s secret isn’t training - it’s Fabian Topas, a “puppeteer” who controls the beasts from the sidelines. His mastery over animals has made him very, very wealthy, and he is constantly pushing his creatures to more elaborate heights. The other members of the circus are afraid to say something about it, but are starting to become concerned for their friend’s sanity, not to mention the safety of the animals. Firing them out of arcane cannons might be the final straw. They need someone to convince Fabian to stop.

Lord Cordelia of Cimber
Spell: Elemental Bane (XGtE pg. 155)
Lord Cordelia of Cimber was made a noble for her brave slaying of a fire elemental that was ravaging villages in the country of Creo Char. She is beloved by the people she saved, but doesn’t want the attention. She prefers to use her skills as a hunter to eliminate elemental creatures who make their way into the material plane. On a recent hunt, she ran into a new sort of elemental, one that had mastery over the substance of time. Unable to defend against its assault, she retreated, and is now looking for allies to stop this monster before it causes any damage to the people residing nearby.

Paavo Elvi
Spell: Evard's Black Tentacles (PHB pg. 238)
The princess of Migandi, Jasmin Järvi, was born with a horrible curse: all who looked upon her flesh would be slain. This sadly included herself. The royal family was prepared for this, by help of a powerful wizard who not only delivered the child, but put her into a magical sleep so she wouldn’t kill herself while they searched for a cure to the curse. Her guardianship was tasked to Paavo Elvi, a blind guard who could create and manipulate dark tendrils to feel his way around the world. He keeps her concealed in a darkened chamber, feeding her and caring for her with his magic. But one day, the princess, while sealed away in the grasp of Paavo’s embrace, vanished! She simply disappeared from the protective chamber. Paavo needs help finding his ward, while the king’s knights are out looking for the cure to this terrible curse.

Sybil Makepiece
Spell: Fabricate (PHB pg. 239)
When Sybil Makepiece was arrested for treason, most people assumed the master carpenter's days were over. But the evil King Cuthbert was overthrown by Lord Walter Branche, and Sybil was released from her prison. But only then was the true extent of her punishment revealed: King Cuthbert had severed Sybil's hands at the wrist. Fortunately, Sybil could still shape wood with her magic, but she is in the market for an assistant to help her chop wood and gather it into her workshop. She needs someone quickly, to help her regain her reputation among the public.

Miles Cardiff
Spell: Find Greater Steed (XGtE pg. 156)
Known as the Lord of the Skies, Miles Cardiff sits astride his Pegasus mount and rains arrows upon the foes of Ashua. The country is often at war, but the sight of Miles streaking across the sky fills the soldiers with hope. Their fiercest opponents, the Oggronians, despise him, and have found a wizard who can fly, as well as fire magic back. Miles is looking for some backup to help him defeat this new foe.

Flee from the unusual person!
Gade Echington
Spell: Fire Shield (PHB pg. 242)
General Gade Echington of the Thrense Army was chosen for his position for his bravery, intelligence, and ability to protect his troops from fire. This is useful against the Blazing Sand Tribe, who uses their elemental powers to strike at the country of Kallowy. Unfortunately, he can only be in one place at a time, and the Blazing Sand tribe is numerous. He needs more troops to finish the job, and is looking for mercenaries. Fire-resistant preferred.

Benessa Flagonwheel
Spell: Freedom of Movement (PHB pg. 244)
From Epula to Sheug Skines, Benessa Flagonwheel is considered the best merchant and transporter you could find. Her goods are always in top condition, and she is never impeded by rain, hail, or even magic weather. Unfortunately, one of her most valuable goods, a unique sword meant for the Queen of Plintera, was stolen in the night. She’s looking for help finding the weapon, and quickly.

Salma binti Majdi
Spell: Giant Insect (PHB pg. 245)
Since she was a child, Salma binti Majdi had a fascination for insects. It only increased when she found out she could cause them to grow to large proportions, allowing her to more easily study and befriend them. Now, she runs the largest bug zoo in the country of Vethax, where people come from far and wide to see her rare and exotic collection. However, she’s a bit of a shut-in, and is always looking for hirelings to travel to the distant reaches of the world and gather rare specimen for her collection.

Wilhelm Rÿter
Spell: Grasping Vine (PHB pg. 246)
In the deserts of Rumera, he’s known as a cattle driver and a gentleman. But Wilhelm Rÿter is also a vigilante, lassoing criminals with his vine-like whip and hanging them from the gallows. He’s always had the understanding of the law on his side, but recently he captured and hanged a corrupt captain of the guard. The criminals paying off this captain of the guard are now interested in taking Wilhelm out, and he needs backup.

Spell: Greater Invisibility (PHB pg. 246)
Tamara Hamilton was born invisible, and has been quite a handful since then. Her “gift” has caused nothing but trouble, making others permanently invisible as well until her entire family was completely gone. Tamara’s parents decided to send her to a wizarding school to try to help her control her powers (and possibly undo their invisibility), but now the entire east wing of the school has vanished. Headmaster Irorius needs the help of an illusionist to bring it back, since he is more of a transmutation wizard and he’s having trouble finding the Professor of Illusions, Master Izudae Etrix.

Kamka Grenic
Spell: Guardian of Faith (PHB pg. 246)
Kamka Grenic is a well-known healer who travels alone, healing the sick and injured, and no one knows how she has remained safe while doing so. When asked about it, she says it is the touch of her god Aquian that protects her. Unfortunately, the touch of god does not help with her navigation, and she became lost in a swap trying to get through to a town on the other side. Kamka needs help getting through the swamp and to her next patients.

Vojco Davidov
Spell: Guardian of Nature (XGtE pg. 157)
Vojco Davidov is a wanderer that doesn’t spend a lot of time in cities if they can help it. Not that he doesn’t appreciate them: after all, he lived in a city before his exile. But whenever Vojco draws near civilization, it is soon overrun by nature and wildlife. He needs help controlling his power so he can see his family again and stop turning people into trees so frequently.

Kalira Jadelace
Spell: Hallucinatory Terrain (PHB pg. 249)
Kalira Jadelace is an artist of illusions and, occasionally, a thief. She enjoys painting large, 3-D portraits of open fields and paths, so realistic that people walk right through them and end up dumping themselves into ponds and streams. Picking their pockets is a simple matter afterwards. This time, Cássio Correia Melo, a handsome nobleman, was kidnapped by Kalira, and she has sent a ransom note to his family. Cássio needs rescuing, and his family will certainly pay well for the task.

Inami Icefist Uthenu-Kathai
Spell: Ice Storm (PHB pg. 252)
Born in a blizzard, Inami Icefist Uthenu-Kathai has only known the cold in her life. She was cast out from her tribe for her strange power, and abandoned to the wilderness. She wandered a far way, eventually reaching sand, water, and slightly warmer weather she did not know could exist. The locals nearby don’t mind her so much, but wish she would leave. They want clear blue skies again and not ice in the tropics.

Not all who wander are exiled by their peoples. But it's a big majority, to be honest.
Arnie Sogovy
Spell: Leomund's Secret Chest (PHB pg. 254)
Arnie Sogovy is a very trusted scribe to the Queen Bixwe of Tlehas. Her Royal Majesty has trusted Arnie for dozens of years, and knows he has a special place to keep all important documents so they will never be stolen. Arnie knows this is usually true, but recently the replica chest that he kept to access the papers was stolen. Arnie thinks the thief believed this was the real chest, but he needs to get the chest back to access the royal records. He’s looking for someone who can help him, especially before her Majesty notices.

Nix Nyanza
Spell: Locate Creature (PHB pg. 256)
Nix Nyanza, a well renowned dragon hunter, has been summoned to the isle of Mazos to hunt the dragon Zaamnok. Unfortunately, while she was traveling, there was a terrible storm and the boat shipwrecked on an abandoned island. Since she cannot sense anyone nearby or anyone across the sea, Nix cannot tell when help will arrive, and needs rescuing so she can finish the job for which she was commissioned.

Nikhil Cure
Spell: Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound (PHB pg .261)
Like most children, Nikhil Cure has an imaginary friend; but unlike most children, his imaginary friend is not so imaginary. His parents, Luminosa and Pietro, don’t know how to help little Niky take care of his invisible giant dog, Dragon. They are also tired of paying for healing after being bit by this house-sized dog. They wish someone would help them teach their child to control the giant hound, and stop Dragon from biting people.

Natalia “The Razor” Mazzocchi
Spell: Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum (PHB pg. 262)
Natalia “The Razor” Mazzocchi cannot be found by magical means. She runs the Mazzocchi family, who rule the underworld of the city Gritol. The Gritol Guard have been trying to scry on her for years, but so far they’ve had no luck. Everyday folks see her with her family on the street, but the guard can’t arrest her without evidence. The Gritol guard needs help producing evidence against this notorious criminal, by finding the hiding place containing the info on her many dealings.

Quasi Toro
Spell: Otiluke's resilient Sphere (PHB pg 264)
Quasi Toro has always been interested in aquatic wildlife, especially sharks. He likes to follow them around, floating on the currents in an invulnerable sphere and making notes of their lifestyle, living patterns, and food choices. Unfortunately, he got too close this time, and was noticed by the sharks. They rushed him, pushing him out of his normal currents. He needs help getting away from the dangerous creatures and back home.

Does my power... scare you? Please rate from 1 to 10.
Chantal Molitor
Spell: Phantasmal Killer (PHB pg. 265)
King Joël Majerus takes sick delight in watching his favorite interrogator, Chantal Molitor, at work. Chantal is able to see the prisoner’s worst nightmares, and use that against them. Their howls of terror are music to his ears, and he always delivers the information the King needs to know. Recently, one of the prisoners on his list turned out to not have a scary enough nightmare for Chantal to bend. Chantal needs help “getting through” to this prisoner, preferably before King Majerus becomes angry.

Roman Mios
Spell: Polymorph (PHB pg. 266)
Roman Mios, son of Queen Patience Mios, is easily frightened. This is fairly normal for a toddler, but when Roman is scared, he magically turns his caretakers into puppies and kittens. This power is quite disruptive, and gossip about it has reached the ears of those who dislike the Queen’s rule. In the underground sector of the city, a coup to overthrow Queen Patience is being planned by the Grim Assembly, a revolutionary group. They want to kidnap Roman, and use his power to turn the Queen into an animal. They need help setting this dream into a plan.

Ray “The Rot” Hidman
Spell: Shadow of Moil (XGtE pg. 164)
When he doesn’t get his way, Ray “The Rot” Hidman transforms into a dark shadow, blinding and harming everyone around him. This power, and his short temper, have shot him up the ranks of the underworld of the city of Darmenthas. Now, he rules his fellow criminals through fear, and the city and its citizens need help deposing this dark ruler. They fear the power of The Rot.

Elle Mavis-Larson
Spell: Sickening Radiance (XGtE pg. 164)
The city of Bonelle has gained a new reputation as “The Glowing City”, since the castle started emitting a soft white light that illuminates the city below. Queen Evelyn Mavis’s young child emits even more light, becoming more and more radiant every day. Thought he nobility is taking this as a blessing of the Gods, the residents would like darkness to help them sleep easier. Also, it’s unnerving when your city starts glowing.

Grawin “Small Might” Zantiox
Spell: Staggering Smite (PHB pg. 278)
Grawin “Small Might” Zantiox is a gnome that fights with surprisingly staggering blows, and is known to be both deadly and clever on the battlefield. His superior, General Zilver Quagrim, does not want to promote Grawin to be a tactician, even though he is perfect for the job. Zilver would rather utilize the gnome’s incredible fighting ability. Grawin wants help convincing the general to allow him to be a tactician, both for the better pay and to put his skills as a leader to use.

Hania Wickcliffe
Spell: Stone Shape (PHB pg. 278)
For years. Hania Wickcliffe has been the secret weapon of the Shale mines of Stranton. She uses her magic to clear spaces, construct supports, and open up precarious shale deposits. Recently, she moved some stone away and accidentally created too thin a support, causing a nasty cave in. She needs help finding all of the miners, and help getting them to safety.

Colonel Rikar von Granton
Spell: Stoneskin (PHB pg. 278)
Colonel Rikar von Granton is known throughout the country of Kumas for his stubborn and brash tactics in the war against Plathia. He leads the charge fearlessly with his pebbled skin, encouraging his regiment to do the same. Because of this, the King will not provide Colonel von Granton with any more Majors, since the last three were killed in a month, due to their over-eagerness and vigor. Rikar needs help trying to keep a cool head and gaining more troops while the war continues to rage.

Someone's got to bring the thunder, after all
Kindri The Stormbringer
Spell: Storm Sphere (XGtE pg. 166)
Kindri, known as The Stormbringer, is renowned and feared in the small kingdom of Olgunria. They say Kindri will destroy anything in their way without qualms, fill the air with terrible lightning, and eat the charred remains of people and animals. Rumors have swirled about, that The Stormbringer is nine feet tall, that The Stormbringer eats children whole, and many more, all terrifying and gruesome. Queen Chelrae wants The Stormbringer stopped, but needs help finding this nearly-mythical being.

Terrance Lolsetharu
Spell: Summon Greater Demon (XGtE pg. 166)
Terrance Lolsetharu, a normal half-elven man,  was sharpening his spare dagger one day when he cut his palm rather deeply. At this moment, his powers awoke, and he summoned a Glabrazu from the demonic pits of the Abyss. Terrance was surprised and a little scared, but was polite and introduced himself. The Glabrazu told Terrance to call him “Terry”, and asked for more blood, tricking Terrance into a blood oath. Terrance though nothing of it for a while, but the nearby town of Domoderovsk has started to notice missing people and demon sightings, and would like these investigated immediately.

Colvina “The Smith” Volen
Spell: Vitriolic Sphere (XGtE pg. 170)
Colvina “The Smith” Volen’s temper is as fiery as her forge. When her anger flares extremely high, she unwillingly unleashes a powerful spray of acid, which sometimes etches the metal in extremely unusual and sometimes unusable ways. Recently, her lover of 5 years walked out on her, infuriating her so much that she accidentally melted a large shipment that was being prepared for the nearby militia. Colvina needs more materials to make up the order, pronto.

Calphe Trenton
Spell: Wall of Fire (PHB pg. 285)
Captain Calphe Trenton has been working as a castle guard captain for a long time. As a magically-inclined guard, he had no trouble repelling attackers, and had no pity for the bandits that raid Castle Nelsthenra since day one. Whenever the bandits would come, the entire village came to the castle stronghold to wait out the raid while Calphe and the castle guards defended the walls and protected the innocent. This has been happening for years, and Calphe is sick of this script. He wants to lead a small band of counter-raiders to eradicate the bandit camp nearby, once and for all.

Mercy Huntsman
Spell: Watery Sphere (XGtE pg. 170)
A well known and renowned aquatic creature hunter, Mercy Huntsman has been catching the largest and most dangerous aquatic life for years. She’s down to one arm, one leg, and two stumps, and so is planning on retiring soon to relax on land safely. Unfortunately, Archduke Ferninzand Thalhoustra requested her to capture the elusive megalodon shark for his almost complete collection. Mercy wants help to capture it to ensure she gets to retire with all her remaining limbs.

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