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Innate Magic People Part 1

Step 1: Find a Cool Character Artist on the internet
In Ahneria, nearly everyone can cast a little bit of magic, but some people can cast full-on spells. I decided it would be fun to detail out a set of NPCs based on the first level spells. As I said in the previous article, these are people who are somewhat common, but might have gained notoriety or fame based on their abilities.

This was originally going to be a small series of articles, but then I realized just how many dang spells there are. So, I'm going to be putting these up every other Wednesday for a while. Enjoy!

Atkonartok of Frozen River
Spell: Absorb Elements (XGtE pg. 150)
The Frozen River tribe has always chosen their shamans based on their innate magical ability. A shaman that could wade through the river and stride across hot coals unscathed would become their spiritual leader. Atkonartok, though he is only twelve years of age, has been given a name that means "God that lives on land" as he walked across the coals without so much as a singe. He is a young human and inexperienced, but cares for his people and does not wish them to come to harm. He seeks assistance in dealing with a nearby Yeti that the tribe's hunters have been unable to successfully kill.

Mariella Le Coadic
Spell: Alarm (PHB pg. 211)
In the small town of Wallowdale, Mariella Le Coadic is considered a local beauty. Although she wouldn't stand out against the colorful throngs of a larger city, here her bright red hair and splatter of freckles have turned the head of nearly every man in town. Perhaps it is due to a sense of superiority or entitlement that she leads a second, secret life as the Ghost of Wallowdale, a thief that seems to have a second sense about her when she seems to be cornered. Mariella uses her ability and roguish skills to deliver her personal brand of justice, usually targeting those who harm the town or her friends and family. However, a judge from the nearest city, Justicar Hamish, has been assigned to track down the Ghost of Wallowdale, and he is closing in on the trail. Mariella is looking for someone to throw off her scent, especially if they seem gullible enough to take her place on the gallows.

Norman Goddard
Spell: Animal Friendship (PHB pg. 212)
Norman grew up in the village of Penrith, to a family of ranchers that raised every kind of livestock. He always had a sense of animals, and was able to calm even the most rambunctious cattle. He himself, despite his large build and imposing demeanor, was soft-spoken and disliked human company. However, he became known for his ability to wrangle animals, and word of his talent eventually reached the ear of Duke Arnulf Orseolo. The Duke had captured a beautiful black stallion, but the beast was refusing any attempt to be trained, even injuring the royal stable hand. Duke Arnulf decided to send Norman a missive, requesting his abilities to calm the beast. If Norman were to refuse, he would be forced to pay restitution - a sum he and his family could not afford. Norman is looking for someone to convince the Duke to rescind the agreement, pay the restitution, or tame the Stallion in his stead.

Kenese Savaliga
Spell: Armor of Agathys (PHB pg. 215)
The Savaliga people live on a tropical island, and at the center of that island is a cave that holds great spiritual importance to their people. The walls are covered with images of smoke-breathing demons, and the Savaliga people claim that travelling too deep will turn a human into a demon, never to return. Yet, this is where they place their dead, carrying them to a deep underground pit and ceremoniously sending them into the "underworld." The air in the cave is unnaturally cold, and the pit itself is inhabited by the ghost of Kenese Savaliga. Long ago, she was thrown into the pit while still alive, without proper ceremony, because her skin was always as cold as a corpse's. Alone in the dark, she froze herself to death. Now, she seeks those who venture into the pit, hoping they would return her body to the surface and allow her to die with honor.

Step 2: use their art for your blog (with links!)
Oriel Brynjar
Spell: Arms of Hadar (PHB pg. 215)
Oriel Brynjar is a slight, pale girl with cornsilk hair and dark brown eyes. Her village of Arrowmoor was raided by bandits, and her parents killed in the attack. Oriel’s powers awoke when she watched her parents murder; her anger manifesting into darkness and exploding outwards from her. This killed the bandits that were set to attack her next, but she blacked out from the immense power drain on herself. Now, Oriel’s village has cast her out and she has no home, wandering the countryside with her trail of wispy shadow behind her.

Thoman Cooper
Spell: Bane (PHB pg. 216)
Thoman Cooper can really take a hit. As early as he can remember, he had been scrapping and fighting in the streets of the city of Nova Volance, where those who are brave or stupid can make coin in back alley fighting rings. Thoman started fighting when his mother left his sick father, trying to earn whatever income he could to help his Da. Since then, Thoman has risen through the ranks in the fighter’s guild tournaments, well known for his ability to take more punishment than a young man his size should be able to. His wiry build has helped him dodge a blow or few, and some girls would fancy his green eyes, if not for the bruises that are their constant companions. Still caring for his father, Thoman’s mother suddenly reappeared into his life after a bout, and begged him for help to protect her from a recent “mistake” she made. Now he is trying to protect both his parents, and a Halfling baby that his mother brought with her, and he's not sure he can keep it up.

Kasheem of the Wandering Path
Spell: Beast Bond (XGtE pg. 150)
With his only friend and horse, Bagheera, as his companion, Kasheem of the Wandering Path travels without his tribe. He does not say where he came from, only that he committed a crime against his people and was banished. He will not be buried with his ancestors, nor cremated for defending his people as a warrior. All that remains of his right eye is a gash and a ragged scar below it, symbolizing his exile. Unbeknownst to him, the Sand Warrior Clans have seen a change in leadership, and the brother of Kasheem's victim is now in power. Unsatisfied with banishment, assassins have begun to tail Kasheem, and he is in dire need of assistance.

Chezu Faldizan
Spell: Bless (PHB pg. 219)
Chezu Faldizan is a priest of the Nuitari Tample, and he enjoys lavish things. He enjoys having his blonde hair washed every morning by his servants, and having silk robes draped over his lithe form for his ceremonies and rituals. Mr. Faldizan also enjoys exploiting the "loophole" that allows him to take Temple funds for "necessary supplies" as he sees fit. After all, he has a natural talent the Temple can't pass up, who is going to turn him down? However, it seems someone snitched to the head priest of the Temple. The old man finally checked the ledgers, and Chezu is under fire. He needs some under-the-table money in exchange for his services, so he can keep living the good life.

Baflilee Starforest
Spell: Burning Hands (PHB pg. 220)
Though the halflings of Veralee Valley are renowned gardeners, Bafilee Starforest's poppies and hollyhock has never quite grown as strong. They always seem dry and withered compared to those of her neighbors. Though she is not old by halfling standards, the stress has brought a tinge of grey to her chestnut hair, which has only increased each year since she left the smithy to take up gardening. She's becoming desperate to find a better patch of soil to garden in, or at least someone who might know how to solve her problem. All of her gardening friends have been quite stumped.

Magnolia Payne, Witch of Hollowmane
Spell: Catapault (XGtE pg. 150)
The Witch of Hollowmane is said to be like a poltergeist, sending objects flying to scare children away from her home, but she doesn't quite do it intentionally. Magnolia Payne has always been a tad clumsy, and sometimes things just go flying around her, often scaring her pet rabbit, Ribbun. One time, she knocked her hat right into the sky, flying straight up off her pink-haired head! Now she's sent some hard-to-replace ingredients for a potion sailing into the air, and is having trouble finding where they went. What she really needs is a reflexive assistant who can catch items on their way up, or a really big net. She'll gladly pay in potions if someone can keep her ingredients from going through the roof.

Beikas Sequoia
Spell: Cause Fear (XGtE pg. 151)
Beikas Sequoia is a towering Firbolg smith. His beard stretches down to his waist, and dark hair covers his coal-black eyes. His forge is on the outskirts of town, for though his products are beautiful as they are deadly, a dark aura seems to surround the Firbolg wherever he goes. Beikas claims even the metal is afraid of him, and it bends to his whim. But his boasts have done nothing to assure his metal suppliers, who have been scared off one by one. Now, a new commission from the Lord of Grenstrong, Harni Keprion, has come when Beikas is nearly out of supplies. He needs someone to find him the steel to finish the job, and hopefully return his suppliers to him.

Step 3: Encourage your readers to check out the internet artist
River Greyson
Spell: Ceremony (XGtE pg. 151)
Captain River Greyson is a mostly respectable sort, the captain of a trading ship that moved along the Nio River. She had grown up in love with her namesake, and worked her way to the top of a close-knit crew of sailors. The group is bound by bonds stronger than mere friendship, and River oversees the initiation ritual herself. Recently, one of the crew was killed by an unhappy merchant who decided to make an example of the unfortunate sailor. River can't take her revenge without upsetting several of the merchants who give her work, and is looking for someone outside her crew to do the dirty work for her.

Baron Stanborn Valennor
Spell: Chaos Bolt (XGtE pg. 151)
Baron Stanborn Valennor is well known and slightly feared among the citizenry of Summercrest. Everybody remembers the story of the solstice where he got spectacularly drunk and started shooting arrhythmic bolts of fire, lightning, ice, acid, and more. He hasn't ever gotten as drunk again, but whispers and rumors of his destructive prowess precede him. All this gossip has given him a lot of trouble in finding a lady to take his hand in matrimony. He is decently handsome, with good teeth and fair hair, but once a lady hears the stories about him, she invariably turns him down. He needs help finding the perfect match.

Kalliope Darkmore
Spell: Charm Person (PHB pg. 221)
A charming old lady with lots of wrinkles and a big smile, Kalliope Darkmore is known and loved in the small town of Eenkos. However, for nearly her entire life, she has been using her magic to persuade people to giving her small trinkets and better deals on her shopping. She's always gotten away with it, even if the people who she charms feel slight regret afterwards. That is, until a merchant named Rénald Vincent with a Detect Magic spell caught her in the act. Her kindliness among the townsfolk has prevented the merchant from openly accusing Kalliope, but now she has seen thugs following her home and needs help dealing with them.

Innis Keeling
Spell: Chromatic Orb (PHB pg. 221)
Innis Keeling is a born performer, earning his living at a circus as a juggler. He wears over-the-top clothing, always has an odd hairstyle, and wears specially-made heat resistant gloves. This is because his most infamous performance involves juggling orbs of fire that he creates himself. However, he recently caught another circus tent on fire while performing, and was kicked out of the show. He's looking for a job, preferably that can accommodate his unique talents and odd clothing.

Cleo Van Starcher
Spell: Color Spray (PHB pg. 222)
For most in the town of Lowmire, the most talented painter in the world is Cleo Van Starcher. They just don't know any better. Cleo herself left the town a year ago, traveling across the country to Vincia Art Academy. But once she got to the city in which Vincia Art Academy resides, she realized she wasn't the best, by a long shot. Nearly out of money and with no way to get back, she's looking for a letter of recommendation that will allow her to get into Vincia Art Academy and save her from starvation.

Azamia Sangrey
Spell: Command (PHB pg. 223)
Azamia Sangrey grew up in a family of servants to a noble in the city of Piroza. Her father, Myron, expects her to carry on the tradition, and with her commanding voice, Azamia would be an excellent leader among the household. Azamia, however, loves books and wants to become a librarian. She's even taken to wearing reading glasses, though she doesn't need them. Azamia doesn't want to use her magical power on her father, but she also wants to follow her dream. She's beginning to think she can't do it alone.

Step 4: Readers see more of the artist's art
Kaspar Caligari
Spell: Compelled Duel (PHB pg. 224)
Kaspar Caligari has been in jail for the past few days. Apparently it's illegal to challenge a city guard to a duel and win! Of course, carrying stolen contraband isn't exactly legal either, but at least his partner got away. Kaspar hates the cell, as the heat makes his black hair stick to his face, and he is looking for a new set of comrades to help extricate him from his current situation.

Qirina Primmel
Spell: Comprehend Languages (PHB pg. 224)
Primmel of clan Qirina is a Female Dragonborn who enjoys wrestling and fighting in the local arena for extra cash. Though she's talented, many say that she shouldn't be fighting because she will ruin her striking scales. One such person who agrees with that is Nestori the Stubborn, a local wizard with a bad habit of being persistent and obtuse. He taken quite a liking for Primmel, or Prim as he calls her, but the Dragonborn fighter simply wishes he would leave her alone. She doesn't want to jeopardize her career, but is looking for someone to help her take care of Nestori's unrelenting advances.

Elwin Mock
Spell: Create or Destroy Water (PHB pg. 229)
Elwin Mock, finely dressed and uncomfortably overweight, dislikes his position. Lord Whitley is just a bit too strict, a bit too stupid, but at least the room and board is good. Elwin demonstrated his ability to be the Lord's Magic Counselor 10 months back by producing water from an empty jug, but now the Lord comes to him for advice on every minuscule problem. At first being the Lord's trusted adviser was enough, but now ambition has taken hold of Elwin. Lord Whitley has no children - could Elwin be named next in line to inherit the castle? If this plan was going to work, he would need some documents forged, and someone to make Lord Whitley mysteriously die...

Selena Villalobos
Spell: Cure Wounds (PHB pg. 230)
Every temple needs healers, and Selena Villalobos has a natural inclination for it. She is known for her healing touch, her fingers alighting on her patients as her eyes close in reverence. However, the real reason she keeps her hazel eyes tightly shut is that she cannot stand the sight of blood. The mere sight of it brings nausea, shortness of breath, and fainting. The priests have kindly kept her shameful secret hidden, but if someone could find some ginseng root or an Elixir of Health to aid her, she might finally be able to face her fears.

Humphrey E. Gaddison
Spell: Detect Evil and Good (PHB pg. 231)
Ever since he was a boy, Humphrey E. Gaddison could sense spirits around him. It was only a matter of time before he befriended one. Now, he is much older, with grey and white hair and a fine walking stick, but his poltergeist companion Drabby is still a dear friend. Drabby can be ill-tempered, much like Humphrey, and often throws things at those who make Humphrey angry. One of those people was a Cleric of the Church named Torsten Birch, who responded by Turning the offending ghost. Now, Drabby has vanished, and Humphrey is looking for someone who can bring his ghostly companion back.

Asta Drage
Spell: Detect Magic (PHB pg. 231)
The Drages a a wealthy family of wizards, with a history of infighting and subterfuge to retain their prized collection of spellcasting knowledge. Asta Drage is a young girl with black hair and brown eyes, still too young to be learning magic. But she does have a special sense for it, which came in handy when she spotted her father, Søren, about to drink an enchanted cup of wine at the family dinner. She stopped him from drinking the wine, which proved to be ensorceled with a terrible curse, but her family now believes she was the perpetrator of the spell. She is too young to argue back, but faces disownment from her family. She ran away from home, looking for someone to help her return to the good graces of her family.

Jakab Vilmos
Spell: Detect Poison and Disease (PHB pg. 231)
Jakab Vilmos worked as a rat catcher for a small town. Despite constantly being exposed to filthy vermin, he had a knack for knowing which ones looked sick, and avoiding them. He was always in good health, which sadly turned against him. A terrible plague spread into the town via the rats, but since Jakab was healthy, nobody suspected the vermin were carrying disease. Many townsfolk lost their lives, and the Noble in change, Baroness Magda Cadigan, was looking for a scapegoat. He began to accuse Jakab of being a fiend in disguise, and Jakab needs help clearing his name.

Step 5: Everyone wins
Warryn Mankas
Spell: Disguise Self (PHB pg. 233)
Among the Forest Gnomes of the Shiverbrand, Warryn Mankas is considered one of the best hunters. He has a natural talent for disappearing into the bushes, striking out at his prey with comfortable accuracy.  However, the community's pets have been going missing, and they  determined a Giant Constrictor Snake is to blame. Warryn is eager to hunt the beast, but since it can sense body heat, his normal illusory disguises won't work. He needs a team of hunters to assist him in taking down this menace!

Kilia Bynstine
Spell: Dissonant Whispers (PHB pg. 234)
In the noble house of Guildeforde, Kilia Bynstine is a night maid. She is responsible for cleaning the house while the master is asleep, usually wandering the corridors alone at night. She has a habit of humming to herself while she cleans, and recently the master of the house, Gerard Guildeforde, has overheard her melodies. They are strange and disconcerting, and how he is absolutely convinced he is being haunted. He even followed the noise once, but Kilia's white-blond hair further persuaded him that a ghost was present. He is looking for an exorcist to rid him of this terror so he can sleep once more.

Carlito Alvez
Spell: Divine Favor (PHB pg. 234)
Those who have tasted the food prepared by Carlito Alvez would swear it tasted better than any food they had ever eaten. Carlito uses his innate magical ability to make his knives burn with Holy Fire as he cuts into bread and meat, which leaves a delicious and spiritually fulfilling sear to the dish. Carlito works as the King's Head Chef, but his mind is elsewhere. He is good friends with a bard named Aurea, whose work takes her all over the world. She still stops in to eat Carlito's food, but he wishes she could quit and join her on her travels. He needs help escaping town, or convincing the king to let him go.

Falras Tumblethicket
Spell: Earth Tremor (XGtE pg. 155)
Falras Tumblethicket has an incredible sense of balance. He never falls, and can remain standing on tightropes, the tops of poles, and even the mast of a ship in a thunderstorm (so he claims). But wherever he goes, people seem to trip and fall around him. It's not their fault - the ground seems to literally shift beneath them. Because of this, Falras has never gotten the chance to fulfill his dream: becoming a trapeze artist. The other performers just don't want to risk being around him! He needs help controlling his powers, or at the very least promoting his solo act.

Torleia Hanali
Spell: Ensnaring Strike (PHB pg. 237)
By day, Torleia Hanali is a member of the Elven council of the City of Inenju. By night, she uses her powers to create vines and wrap up criminals on the street! She goes by the moniker of Lady Ivy, and protects her city from evil! However, recently another member of the council, Qifaren, saw her leaving the scene of a crime. She's worried her secret might get out, and is looking for someone to pretend to be Lady Ivy for her.

Brummor Scragglebeard
Spell: Entangle (PHB pg. 238)
Of all the gardens in Weststraten, Brummor Scragglebeard's is the worst. It's loaded with weeds and vines, and he's looking for someone to help him pick the weeds out. Unfortunately, he's old, grey in the beard, and very set in his ways, meaning he's not willing to admit that he's part of the problem. Weeds just love him, and grow extra hardy around him.

Step 6: Hope for a fruitful relationship with artist
Lee Hye-sun
Spell: Expeditious Retreat (PHB pg. 238)
Lee Hye-sun discovered at a young age that she is an excellent runner. But when she discovered she runs even faster when she is embarrassed, she decided to try out for a local sporting team. As the years went by, she would constantly get into more and more embarrassing situations to increase her speed. But now, she's no longer embarrassed by anything. She needs someone to do something really embarrassing, almost supernaturally embarrassing, at her next Smack the Dragon match. If not, she'll lose for sure!

Aika Blakeley
Spell: Faerie Fire (PHB pg. 239)
Aika Blakeley glows in the dark. This is actually very helpful to them: they aren't afraid of the dark or monsters, like many children their age. But their parents, Hugo and Grace Blakeley, have a few issues with their child's abilities. The family lives in a one-room cottage, and Aika's glow keeps them awake all night. The odd thing is, no matter how many blankets they pile on top of the kid, the glowing persists. They need someone to cast a Darkness spell, or at least babysit the kid for a bit.

Diggory the Drunk
Spell: False Life (PHB pg. 239)
Nobody remembers Diggory's last name, himself included. But they all know about his drinking problem. It's not so much of a problem for Diggory, however: while he is drunk, he is incredibly resilient and difficult to knock out in a fight. This has resulted in him starting a lot of fights around the town of Grannraven. He enjoys acting with impudence, but it's having a bad effect on his waking life. His friends are concerned about him, as he's gone through several jobs and doesn't seem to mind. They are looking for someone to help him break his addiction.

Melai Slowfaller Ogoliago
Spell: Feather Fall (PHB pg. 239)
With all the dangers present in the mountains, Melai Slowfaller Ogoliago never thought the worst one would be boredom. The female Goliath is covered with tattoos, stands a menacing seven feet tall, and falls in slow motion. But not just slow motion - extremely slow motion. If falling from a ledge of sufficient height, it could take hours for her to reach the ground. To combat the mind-numbing boredom, she's looking for someone to teach her how to read. At least then she can do something while waiting for herself to land.

Issac Roberts
Spell: Find Familiar (PHB pg. 240)
Every hour, on the hour, a tiny seahorse pops into the air near Issac Roberts' head. It can fly, breathe air, and squeaks incessantly. Issac, an anxious man with red hair and bags under his eyes, will pay anyone to get rid of the creature for good. Killing it or running away only makes it reappear. If someone was able to Speak With Animals, they might find out what the little creature wants, but nobody has thought to do that yet.

Rose Everdon
Spell: Fog Cloud (PHB pg. 243)
Rose Everdon, a young girl in the town of Arlenport, has a bit of a problem. Whenever she belches, she burps up a large cloud of fog. It doesn't come up often, but she happens to do it when she's nervous, which she always is around Leonardo Fioranati. She needs some love advice to help her avoid embarrassing herself in front of her crush.

Lester Mugridge
Spell: Goodberry (PHB pg. 246)
Being the tax adviser for a greedy, selfish king is tough work. And King Bertram III is one of the greediest out there. Poor Lester Mugridge was chosen and trained for the job partly because of his smarts, but partly because they could save on food costs by making him cast Goodberry for himself. Lester lives his life terribly thin, completely pale, and bound to the desk he writes upon. However, he remembers his time as a child, and hopes to have another day in the sun, if only someone could free him.

Step 7: Please give the talented internet artist your commissions
Elijah "The Mincer" Daniels
Spell: Grease (PHB pg. 246)
Elijah Daniels, known as "The Mincer" for the way he took care of a target one time, is a member of the Kuznetsov crime family. He wears fine clothing and his hair is naturally slicked back all of the time. He harbors a secret love for the boss's wife, Mirabelle, which his position as her bodyguard only complicates. He needs to make a hard decision, then needs help getting over her or taking over the gang.

Vivian Felicia Chickerington
Spell: Guiding Bolt (PHB pg. 248)
Of all the young ladies of the noble family of Chickerington, Vivian Felicia shines the brightest, literally. She has an inner glow that the commoners ascribe to divine right or great wisdom. But being a beacon of light has its problems. At the upcoming ball, Princess Prudence will be present, and Vivian Felica knows she can't step on the princess's toes in terms of looks. She needs to look drab enough that her glow won't outshine the princess,while still being presentable in high society. Sadly, the tailor doesn't seem up to the task, so she is seeking help elsewhere.

Jethro "Scratch" Granger
Spell: Hail of Thorns (PHB pg. 249)
Jethro "Scratch" Granger is the best dart-thrower in Ebenzell. He's got a reputation for celebrating his wins by purchasing strange art objects, and his most recent victory ended with him buying a vase covered in tasteful nudes. But the judge of that competition decided to revoke his win after discovering Scratch's powers. Now, he's got to pay back the award money, and nobody's willing to buy the vase back at the price he got it for. he needs some money to get out of this situation!

Moira Conrad
Spell: Healing Word (PHB pg. 250)
Everybody in Vinnesse knows that Moira Conrad loves birds. She has a whole flock of them, with names like Beaker, Twitty, Quackie Chan, and Eggolas. She gets them by finding injured birds and whispering to them until they heal. But recently her flock leader, Beaker, has gone missing! She needs help finding the wayward bird.

Ewart Howler
Spell: Hellish Rebuke (PHB pg. 250)
Ewart Howler never thought he had magic powers, or much of a temper. He was a very private man, focusing on his studies and amassing a small fortune so he could retire in peace. He took up gardening, and was happy to live a peaceful life. But then a young boy named Monty trampled all over his prized petunias, and Ewart got angry. He stormed out of the house and yelled at the child, who suddenly caught fire. Ewart was as surprised as the other people around, but fortunately the child was saved by some quick thinking. But Ewart is now on trial, and needs to prove he never intended to hurt the child. He needs to hire a good team of sleuths to prove his innocence!

Gert "Slaps" Slatman
Spell: Heroism (PHB pg. 250)
Gert "Slaps" Slatman isn't the best player on his Smack the Dragon team, but his team, the Thunder Raptors, is the best one in the city of Aetherport. He loves the camaraderie, and got his nickname from his habit of smacking his teammates on the rear before a match. Unbeknownst to him and his teammates, he is actually enhancing their performance by doing so. But recently, he has fallen ill, and can't make it to the championship tournament. The team has been on a losing streak, and will be knocked out of the series unless they can get some good players to take Slaps' place.

Viscardi La Croix
Spell: Hex (PHB pg. 251)
All his life, Viscardi La Croix has wanted to become a Vampire. In fact, he goes to great lengths to care for his appearance and use his magic to "charm" people like a real vampire would. He has strong opinions about vampire culture and the best kind of vampires, but he's not exactly sure how to go about becoming one. The whole "undeath" thing scares him, since he'd hate to get it wrong and end up dead. He's looking for someone to help him find the process, and maybe undergo it before he does.

Eryn Teinithra
Spell: Hunter's Mark (PHB pg. 251)
Eryn Teinithra is a Wood Elf with dreams of being a wandering minstrel or bard. But while Eryn was growing up, his father noticed he had a natural gift for marksmanship. Eryn began to take hunting lessons and was entered into archery competitions, but he hates every moment. He just wants to go to a city and start a singing group. He even has a name in mind: The Sons of Pitches. He needs help convincing his father to let him live his dream!

Step 8: Please
Spell: Ice Knife (XGtE pg. 157)
Constable Zipporah McCaskey needs help. There's been a rash of assassinations across the city of Umbermoor, and never a murder weapon. All that's left behind is puddles of water. He has no leads, and hopes a group of heroes might catch this mysterious killer, who supposedly goes by Keziah.

Matthias Quigly
Spell: Identify (PHB pg. 252)
If you have any questions about anything magical in nature, only ask Matthias Quigly. He runs a magic item shop in Bolfort, and is a real know-it-all when it comes to magic. He thinks this is impressive, and doesn't mind why the sweet housekeeper Wenna is turned away when he begins to spout knowledge. He needs help gaining her affections, and is willing to pay finely for assistance.

Filibuster "Flip" of Penhollow
Spell: Illusory Script (PHB pg. 252)
"Flip", full name Filibuster of Penhollow, is the apprentice to the grim and pretentious wizard Master Kenver Warn. Flip is very interested in magic, but can't stand how his master acts, so he has taken to sublty altering his master's spellbooks. Master Kenver has noticed that many of his spells have recently been going awry, and needs someone to help him resolve the matter. he might pay you, too, if he's feeling up to it.

Judge Conaire Tulach
Spell: Inflict Wounds (PHB pg. 253)
The streets of Cinas are dirty, overrun with scum and dark dealings. One man, Judge Conaire Tulach, has decided to take justice into his own hands. He has been dealing with criminals in his own dispassionate manner, which has resulted in a lot of bodies in the local river. He's willing to accept help on his crusade, but his methods might cause people to oppose him publicly.

Turnuroth Tobarum
Spell: Jump (PHB pg. 254)
Tobarum of clan Turnoroth is a spelunker. He uses his Driftglobe to navigate the dark caves, and his innate jumping ability to explore areas that others wouldn't be able to. But on a recent expedition, his globe was shattered by Underdark monsters, leaving him stranded in the darkness. He'll gladly navigate caverns for anyone who can guide him back to the surface, or at least give him a light.

In a couple weeks, we'll continue the 1st level spells and start up the 2nd level spells!

Thanks for reading!

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