Monday, July 9, 2018

Old News: Injuries and Wounds

I bet this guy hates Mondays, eh?
Now that Valley of the Lords has taken off, I'm running fewer epic monthly campaigns. Of course, there are still other DMs in our group that are running, and I'm still doing Chaos Quest, but there is less big epic stuff happening right now.

And since I've been getting better at making PDFs, I've decided to go ahead and update my old Injuries and Wounds tables, into a convenient one-page PDF for use at the table. Here it is!

Injuries and the Wounded Condition

Meanwhile, the quest in the Valley continued this week. The characters have been discovering more adventuring sites to explore, which is good for questing. I think I need to provide directions to more low-level sites, so they don't end up wandering around the valley trying to find something of an appropriate challenge level.

This week, they wandered for quite a bit, hunting orcs at every turn. The barbarian was quite happy to behead her sworn enemies.

Anyway, please enjoy the PDF!

Thanks for reading!

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