Monday, June 4, 2018

Old News: Prepping the Valley

Try thinking outside the box

It's been a slow month for D&D, but a crazy month for D&D prep. I've been writing NPCs, working on some new Creature Loot articles, and of course preparing to actually run some more D&D. That means I've updated the Valley of the Lords PDF, now including a "Quick Character Creation" guide and a bunch of altered rules.

Here's the link! All that's left now is to create adventuring sites and random encounters for all those hexes. Surprisingly, it's going a lot smoother than expected. I'm excited!

I did want to share a little idea my friend Shannon and I had to keep people active on our Slack channel. I made private Slack channels for each faction, and as the players post in these channels they can uncover secrets and quests tailored to their character and the faction. I'm looking at Slackalytics  to keep track of how many posts each person makes, and I can even exclude shorter posts, so people can't just spam for quests.

Sorry for a general lack of content today. Check back Friday for the first of the Mordenkainen's Creature Loot articles!

Thanks for reading!

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