Monday, February 12, 2018

Old News: Racial Traits, the PDF
One of the first pieces of art ever posted on this blog...
So, I didn't have a D&D session this weekend. I've been gearing up for my wedding next month, and there's going to be a few weeks without a Monday Recap for a bit.

But since I still want to put out content, I've decided to start putting up some of my recent efforts on Homebrewery. Homebrewery is an awesome tool that lets you make PDFs that appear similar to the official WotC documents. Since the Creature Loot PDF, people have been clamoring for me to put together easy-to-access PDFs of my articles.

Well, here's the first one! It's a recap to the racial traits articles that I posted over a year ago. Feels like forever!

Thanks for reading! Recap articles return maybe next week!

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