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Racial Traits: Half Orcs

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This was one of my favorite lists to write. I had never really looked into the Half-Orc description before (orcs are rare in the city I am currently running), and was surprised to see they have a lot of fun details that could really form the basis of an entire character.

I love the idea that a half orc would be just as quick to sadness as to anger.

Half-Orc Traits

Mine is the very soul of sorrow
d8 Personality Trait
1. Every one of my scars has a story, some good, some bad.
2. I can hear the whispers of Gruumsh One-Eye, the evil God of Orcs, in my dreams. I struggle to understand what they mean.
3. I'm not above breaking a few bones to get what I want, no matter the situation.
4. Despite my strong emotions, I have trouble saying exactly what's on my mind.
5. Physical combat makes me feel alive, and nothing else can compare to it.
6. I've learned that I will always have to fight to get what I want.
7. You could hear me laugh or cry from a mile away.
8. No talk good. Fight good.

d6 Ideal
1. Notoriety. A half-orc is nothing without a reputation for others to praise or fear. (Chaotic)
2. Pride. The value of a deed measures the value of a half-orc. (Neutral)
3. Strength. The only way to win in life is to break those who are weaker than you. (Evil)
4. Redemption. A person's actions can redeem their heritage, no matter how evil. (Good)
5. Emotion. Feelings, from rage to pleasure, should never be suppressed. (Chaotic)
6. Endurance. Life is difficult, and only those who can weather its trials will prevail. (Any)

d6 Bond
1. I would do anything to prove my worth to one side of my heritage.
2. I keep a memento from one of my parents, and value it more than my own life.
3. I have intense feelings of love for a particular person, and would do anything to protect them.
4. My collection of scars is my pride and joy, and I am always looking for a chance to earn a new one.
5. I can feel the influence of Gruumsh One-Eye in my heart, and I loathe (or accept) his evil ways.
6. There's nothing greater in the world that the thrill of battle.

d6 Flaw
1. I am overly reckless in battle, because I am eager to collect more scars.
2. Anyone who uses a word more than three syllables long deserves to be punched in the face.
3. I have a temper shorter than a gnome, and I snap easily at others.
4. I don't always understand why the things I do are bad.
5. I hate showing my pain and push others away when I am hurt.
6. I often ignore the advice of those smarter than me. Who do they think they are?

D&D is like halloween. There's a sexy version of every race
If you would like to read more about why I am writing these, or how I use them in my games, please check out my first post on Dwarves.

Thanks for reading!

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