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Racial Traits: Half Elves

Like elves but uglier!
I know what you're thinking. This isn't just a combination of the human and elf racial trait lists. Well, not entirely.

According to the PHB, Half-Elves live either in elven enclaves, human cities, or neither. So it stands to reason that some half-elves would grow up with the aspects of those around them. But there are also some new traits on here, which represent the diplomacy and in-betweenness of the race.

For extra fun, pick an elf trait and a human trait and be the actual diplomatic bridge between your party members!

Half-Elf Traits

Like humans but prettier!
d8 Personality Trait
1. I can find a friend in every city I visit.
2. My desire to understand the world eclipses my baser instincts.
3. I can sleep anywhere, from marshes to mountains.
4. I'll jump on any opportunity that benefits me. You never know when it might come up again!
5. I've collected hundreds of stories and songs over my lifetime, and I always have one that applies to a situation.
6. I'd rather fall back and fight another day than make a costly mistake.
7. I'm privy to many diplomatic and political secrets, which I sometimes use to get out of trouble.
8. I'm always aware of the political dynamic of a situation.

d6 Ideal
1. Acceptance. The world is vast, and there is room for all types and peoples within it. (Good)
2. Diplomacy. Through the exchange of ideas, all obstacles can be overcome. (Good)
3. Innovation. I want to make something that has never been made, live a life that nobody else has, and do things that have never been done. (Chaotic)
4. Discovery. The world is vast and fascinating, and I want to see every twig and leaf. (Chaotic)
5. Freedom. The opportunity to express oneself without limitation is always a worthy goal. (Chaotic)
6. Solitude. It is important to spend time in quiet contemplation to consider a life well spent. (Any)

d6 Bond
1. My freedom is the most important treasure I've earned.
2. I have a big dream and it's going to take more than just me to do it. I am always looking for followers or recruits.
3. I will stand alongside any who fight the oppression of their people.
4. I fight for a cause that is greater than any mortal. I'd gladly lay down my life to support it.
5. I've become part of an enclave of half-elves that I would never turn my back on.
6. I favor one side of my ancestry over the other, and I strive to be more like and accepted by that race.

d6 Flaw
1. I often make the same mistake more than once because I hate dwelling on my errors.
2. I believe I can talk my way out of anything, even if an ogre was barreling towards me.
3. I jump from cause to cause like a butterfly on the wind. I'm not really sure what I believe.
4. I can't hear an opinion I disagree with without launching into a verbal repartee.
5. I hate when people impose the slightest restriction on me, and often go out of my way to disobey it.
6. I am overly quick to empathize with others, even those who are outcasts or villains.

Sometimes you try really hard to make something nice and then you get a guy who can only grow awkward stubble
If you would like to read more about why I am writing these, or how I use them in my games, please check out my first post on Dwarves.

Thanks for reading!

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