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Racial Traits: Gnomes

Racial diversity at its finest
I've been playing fantasy Role-Playing Games for about 5 years now, and Gnomes have always been a contentious subject in the worlds I've been in. My first few campaigns were in a setting that removed Gnomes entirely from the world, and since then I have heard heated debate for and against including the little guys. There is even debate on what exactly gnomes represent and how they fit into the world. Some prefer the image of an incorrigible prankster, others want tinkerers and steampunk inventors.

I created this list using traits described in the player's handbook. I tried to stick to the listed traits as best as possible, but perhaps you will have some adjustments or comments you'd like to make. I'd be happy to discuss!

Gnome Traits

The surgeon General advises you do not mix gnome and kobold PCs
d8 Personality Trait
1. I love jokes and puns and try to tell at least one to everyone I meet.
2. No matter the spell, I believe my magic is applicable to any situation.
3. I could have fun in a pit of wolves.
4. I can't wait to see or discover new things, and rush to new places like a child in a sweetshop.
5. My mind is bubbling with thoughts and I can never speak them fast enough.
6. I am fascinated by others and make great efforts to listen to them, sometimes even taking notes.
7. I can always find humor in my own mistakes.
8. I love to help people and share my knowledge with others.

d6 Ideal
1. Life. Every moment a creature is alive is a good one and should be lived to the fullest. (Good)
2. Fun. 500 years is too short to be boring, dull, or sad. (Chaotic)
3. Community. A family is a group of friends that can be full of surprises and laughter. (Lawful)
4. Intelligence. The quickest way to master a skill or craft is to learn everything you can about it. (Neutral)
5. Curiosity. Learning about the world is the finest way to enjoy it. (Any)
6. Magic. The arcane arts are the best way to find out new things and fill a lifetime of exploration. (Any)

d6 Bond
1. My hair or beard is always finely trimmed and exotically shaped. I'd be devastated if it were cut.
2. I have a powerful invention in my possession that I would never part with, it has deep significance to me.
3. I love my home or workshop, and have honed my skills in hope of protecting it.
4. I'd like nothing better than to completely cover myself in extravagant clothing, jewelry, and equipment.
5. Kobolds are stuffy and sour, I plan to play pranks on each one I meet.
6. I've taught many human and halfling students, and my knowledge and experience are very important to me.

d6 Flaw
1. I often laugh at those who trip or fall, before I realize it wasn't a harmless prank.
2. I have trouble knowing when it's not appropriate to make a joke.
3. I'd do anything to meet my goals, and I hardly ever think about the risks beforehand.
4. I have little patience for the sour, dour, and party-poopers.
5. I think mistakes aren't the end of the world, even though others see me as foolhardy or reckless.
6. If I don't want to be found, I will take great measures to hide.

What the hell
If you would like to read more about why I am writing these, or how I use them in my games, please check out my first post on Dwarves.

Thanks for reading!

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