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Racial Traits: Halflings
Like people, but half a person. Somehow that isn't considered rude
Still working our way through the PHB, here are some traits to be used for everybody's best friend, the Halfling!

Also, I had the realization that these tables would be great for creating NPCs. You could even make a village populated by a single race just by picking an ideal and making it the basis for traditions and customs within the town. That sounds very fun to me.

Halfling Traits

Does this remind anyone else of Attack on Titan?
Am I the only one who just got a great idea for a campaign?
d8 Personality Trait
1. I love discovering new things, especially if they are simple and practical.
2. I'm used to being ignored by the tall folk, so I rarely speak up around them.
3. I always seek out the simple pleasures of life. I'd rather have a warm meal than an extravagant one.
4. I've got a knack for figuring out the simplest and most straightforward solution to problems.
5. I hate being seen as a show-off and am quick to hide my wealth.
6. I've got a kind word for everyone I meet.
7. The world is vast and scary, but I'm excited to see every inch of it.
8. I'm always taken aback when others are purposefully mean. What makes them better than anyone else?

d6 Ideal
1. Hearth and Home. A simple, orderly home where you can put your feet up is a blessing in itself. (Good)
2. Practicality. There's no reason to have things you can't use, nor to want things you can't have. (Lawful)
3. Humility. Simplicity and consideration is a better path to happiness than excess and pride. (Good)
4. Community. It takes a village to make a life worthwhile. (Lawful)
5. Friendship. The finest pleasure in the world is an ally who won't let you down. (Good)
6. Food. A home-cooked meal is as good for the soul as it is for the belly. (Any)

d6 Bond
1. I treat any place with a roaring fireplace and a tasty meal like I would my own home.
2. My family has always been wanderers. I yearn for the open horizon.
3. Anyone who values peace is worthy of being treated like family.
4. A sturdy set of boots is worth more to me than a pile of gold.
5. Any good creature that suffers is quick to earn my pity and mercy.
6. Those who travel with me are like my family. I am quick to care for them and won't let them down.

d6 Flaw
1. I have little patience for those who talk on and on without saying a thing.
2. I am overly trusting of the elderly, and sometimes forget that they aren't always in charge.
3. I'm just as likely to compliment an orc as I am to fight it.
4. I refuse to enter a disheveled home or seedy tavern. It's just too sad.
5. I'm quick to say what's on my mind, especially when I disapprove.
6. I would never turn down a good meal or drink, even if it was served by my mortal enemy.

A not-so-jovial halfling, sadly all too common in player characters
If you would like to read more about why I am writing these, or how I use them in my games, please check out my first post on Dwarves.

Thanks for reading!

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