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Racial Traits: Elves
It's possible to have an entire race based on being pretty and grumpy
Continuing the mini-series, here are the racial traits of elves!

I think these lists would be good for games where you do want to restrict backgrounds. If everyone is in the military, the soldier background is obviously appropriate. But rather than have everyone use basically the same personality, each race can bring a little bit of "home" with them and actually have some leeway to roleplay.

Elf Traits
It's actually difficult to find pictures of more than one elf
d8 Personality Trait
1. Until blades are drawn, I regard any threat with amusement, not fear.
2. My desire to understand the world eclipses my baser instincts.
3. I am difficult to stir, an air of aloofness is vital to me.
4. I am slow to trust others, but when I do, I have a friend for as long as they live.
5. I've collected hundreds of stories and songs over my lifetime, and I always have one that applies to a situation.
6. I'd rather fall back and fight another day than make a costly mistake.
7. I've trained hundreds of human and elven children in my art, and I always effect the air of an instructor.
8. I take my time with everything I do, and savor it. There is plenty of time to live.

d6 Ideal
1. Nature. The beauty and elegance of the natural world is worthy of imitation. (Neutral)
2. Art. Personal expression is the epitome of the mortal experience. (Chaotic)
3. Diplomacy. Through the exchange of ideas, all obstacles can be overcome. (Good)
4. Discovery. The world is vast and fascinating, and I want to see every twig and leaf. (Chaotic)
5. Xenophobia. Those who are not elves will never understand the truth of the world. (Evil)
6. Magic. By learning about the secret magic of the world, I become closer to understanding everything. (Any)

d6 Bond
1. My woodland home is a source of great magic and happiness to me, I always yearn to return there.
2. The weapons I forged have protected me through thick and thin, I am loathe to abandon them.
3. The art I create is of immense personal value to me, I trade it away only when I know it will be cared for and appreciated.
4. My freedom is the most important treasure I've earned.
5. I trust the elves of my realm before anyone else. We can speak with a level of discretion and subtlety above any others.
6. I will stand alongside any who fight the oppression of their people.

d6 Flaw
1. I believe I can talk my way out of anything, even if an ogre was barreling towards me.
2. If you insult me, it will take a century to earn back my trust.
3. Even sleeping in the same tree for more than one night feels regimented and oppressive to me.
4. Dwarves are foolish dirt-eaters who lack any redeeming qualities.
5. I can't hear an opinion I disagree with without launching into a verbal repartee.
6. It's hard to take the short-lived races seriously. How do they think they know anything?
If you've got 700 years to live, that means you're going to be old and achy for at least a century
If you would like to read more about why I am writing these, or how I use them in my games, please check out my first post on Dwarves.

Thanks for reading!

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