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Racial Traits: Tieflings

Somehow people seem to be incapable of drawing female tielfings that aren't sexy
Here we are, the last race in the Player's Handbook. I may continue this series to include races in the Princes of the Apocalypse Player Supplement, or in Volo's Guide to Monsters. But I have to say the traits already listed in Volo's Guide are a great jumping-off point already, if you want to do something like this for your home games.

Tieflings are a lot of fun, and not just for grimdark players who want a free tortured past with the purchase of their character. I'd love to see a tiefling who is extremely nice to others, or who secretly enjoys their devilish appearance.

Also, in case their are any abyssal tieflings out there, I'd highly recommend changing references to "Asmodeus" and "the Nine Hells" to "Graz'zt" and "the Triple Realm of the Abyss".

Tiefling Traits

"This is how I show affection"
d8 Personality Trait
1. I've learned to ignore insults and even violence thrown my way.
2. I try to be extra-nice to make up for the trouble I cause.
3. I have a habit of toying with my horns or tail, even though it makes most people uncomfortable.
4. I'm extremely aware of other people's feelings, and know right away when someone feels hurt or sad.
5. I hate jokes and pranks. I'm not comfortable laughing at other people.
6. I like scaring people with my appearance, especially those who already fear me.
7. Even though I am burdened with this curse, I still find certain aspects of Asmodeus, Lord of the Nine Hells, alluring.
8. I can never fall in love, because I never want to place my burden on my descendants.

d6 Ideal
1. Loyalty. Those who can look beyond the surface and into the hearts of others are worth sticking with forever. (Good)
2. Notoriety. There's no such thing as a bad reputation if it helps you get what you need. (Chaotic)
3. Power. Other races are right to fear the darkness and fire of the Nine Hells. (Evil)
4. Caution. A closed heart is a safe heart, and a careful tiefling is a living tiefling. (Chaotic)
5. Destiny. Nothing can alter the course of fate, and those who are born to be crushed beneath the world can only wait for their end. (Neutral)
6. Endurance. Life is difficult, and only those who can weather its trials will prevail. (Any)

d6 Bond
1. I have sworn to take my vengeance upon Asmodeus and his minions, even though it may be an impossible task.
2. My family of Tieflings are all that matter to me, whether or not we share blood we all share a curse.
3. I have a mentor who took me in despite my appearance, and I owe that person everything.
4. Those who look down on me will someday know my wrath.
5. Despite what others think, I enjoy my unusual appearance. I just hate the curse that came with it.
6. I chose my name carefully, and I hope to live up to the virtue it represents.

d6 Flaw
1. I am quick to respond to violence with violence, despite the consequences.
2. I trust anyone who gives me food or shelter, sometimes despite my better judgment.
3. I have earned a sharp tongue from my years of being insulted, and it often gets me in trouble.
4. It might take years for me to fully trust someone, and that trust can be broken in an instant.
5. I have a morbid fascination with dark magic, necromancy, and conjuring fiends.
6. I imagine I hear insults and jabs in every sentence spoken to me.

Look at these two kooky characters. Classic half-demon
If you would like to read more about why I am writing these, or how I use them in my games, please check out my first post on Dwarves.

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  1. This series is really good. I feel they should have been part of the PHB.

    1. Agreed. I've been using them in my home games and my players really like having the option for different traits.

      Plus, it really helps flesh out the racial differences between characters.