Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Actually a post about music, how about that
I mean, all the dwarves I know at least
Yeah, yeah, I know what the banner says. Monsters, Music, and Dungeon Mastery. And I don't want to just throw 2/3rds of a promise at you.

The thing is, up until today, I've had to keep things a little hush-hush about the music I've been writing. I've been working for Multivarious Games, who have a Non-Disclosure Agreement on their work.

Well, today that ends. I'm happy to announce the launch of a Kickstater Campaign for No Mercy, a video game about beating things up with your friends.

You can go there and listen to some music I wrote, download a demo of the game and play it, or even donate some support to the cause.

The good news is that I will finally be able to start writing posts about the music I'm working on! They will likely be mirrored on the devblog for the game itself, which you can find here.

Of course, I'll still be writing articles about D&D. With the racial traits articles finished up, I've got a fun and (dare I say) horrible series lined up to begin this Friday. Additionally, I'll still be posting an article at 3pm EST today.

I'm not sure when the music articles will be up, but once they get rolling I will probably set a weekly or bi-weekly release schedule for them.

Of course, your regularly scheduled D&D ramblings, drivel, and evangelism will continue unabated.
The blue-haired guy is my favorite.

Thanks for reading!

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