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Monday Recap: Jailbirds

You can still adventure in jail! ...kind of.
I finally got my players together again for Storm King's Thunder! Folks are getting busier, and I don't think it'll abate until my company's local conference is over. Until  then, this game is no longer weekly or even bi-weekly... More like monthly.

The good news is I'm going to have a new campaign kicking off here soon. Good news in that I dearly hope I can handle that many games at once again! Wubba lubba dub dub!

This story is part 16 of a series. This campaign was discontinued.
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Storm King's Thunder: Jailbirds

Cast of Characters
Jon: Dungeon Master
Megan: Cecelia Sondheim, human bard, a Harper hoping for a bright future!
Cody: Rolen Dundragon, half-elf Warlock of the Archfey, a scoundrel with a heart of gold
Cait: Mialee Galanodel, elf ranger, from a distant land and doesn't have personal space boundaries
Shannon: Kye Bosunen, human Purple Dragon Knight, carries a big sword and his honor

When we last left our heroes, they were on a mission to recover a child from the Feywild. The babe had been stolen away by Princess Dandelion, a vain and capricious Archfey who fancied the child. She had promised to return him to the party if they retrieved her slippers, which she needed for the upcoming Greengrass festival.

The players had wandered through her hedgemaze city and found the cobbler, Frendmaus, who was supposed to be making the shoes. However, his store had clearly been robbed, and he was crying behind the counter.

Kye and Cecelia rushed to see if Frendmaus was okay while Rolen and Mialee began to look around the shop. Frendmaus told them that the shoes were stolen right before he was supposed to deliver them, only a few days ago. Cecelia noticed that nothing else was missing - it was obvious the thief knew about the shoes and came specifically for them.

Rolen asked what made the shoes so special, and Frendmaus explained that they had an enchantment on them - they would make an Archfey dance with grace and poise, but any lesser being would likely be unable to control the dancing power. Rolen flipped open his jokebook full of rituals, and cast Detect Magic. Sure enough, a faint path of magic lead them out of the shop and into the hedgemaze.

Do you think they had to raise a hedge fund to make this?
Following the magic trail, they discovered an abandoned warehouse, boarded up and unused. Kye kicked the door down, and Mialee lit up the back of the area with her Dancing Lights spell.

In the back, they saw an elf, clearly dressed in rogue's clothing, dancing with the magic slippers on her feet. She seemed absolutely exhausted, and her feet were bleeding from what must have been days of dancing.

The group didn't have any spells to dispel the magic effect, but Kye did have the hide of a Crag Cat they had fought, which was resistant to magic. Using the hide, they were able to pull the slippers off the thief's feet, and wrap them tightly so they wouldn't touch anything else.

Cecelia bound the thief's hands, and the mysterious elf immediately began to plead for her life, offering a valuable item if they didn't turn her in to Princess Dandelion. The party was intrigued, but decided that Frendmaus would be the one to make the final decision.

They returned to the cobbler's shop, and Frendmaus was delighted to see the slippers returned unharmed. He cast a quick spell to clean them of blood, and asked what had happened. After the group explained, the cobbler only asked for repair money and allowed the thief to go. True to her word, she left them a small present for her escape: a Hat of Disguise! Rolen donned it immediately.

As way of payment, Frendmaus decided to give the party a gift of shoes. He opened a dusty box and revealed huge pumps covered in glitter and ribbons, with little aquariums in the heels filled with a jeweled fish each. Mialee immediately grabbed them. They turned out to be enchanted to allow her to fly for a short while. She was so happy she nearly cried.

But more ribbons and glitter
Frendmaus asked the group to deliver the slippers to Princess Dandelion, and they agreed. The adventurers made their way back through the hedgemaze and met Branchlord the treant guard captain outside the palace. he greeted them in his usual monotone fashion, and lead them in to see the Princess.

Princess Dandelion was delighted to see her slippers safe, and immediately put them on. She mentioned that it was Greengrass today, after all, and she couldn't miss out on the festivities of the Summer Faerie Court!

This confused the party, since they had only been in the feywild a matter of hours, and Greengrass wasn't for another couple days. They realized time had passed differently for them, and immediately asked to be sent back to Luskan.

Dandelion smiled and told them that was perfect, since according to her scrying mirror, they were wanted in Luskan. Before the heroes could clarify what she meant, she snapped her fingers, and they were teleported away in a whirlwind of yellow petals.

They reappeared right in the middle of Luskan's town square, and indeed, the city was celebrating the festival of Greengrass. Decorations were hung up everywhere, and people were doing all sorts of festival activities.

As they stood up, dazed, a voice rang out, "it's them what killed the orc man!"

Jakob and his father, Maxwell, whose son/brother was the stolen child, were nearby, and Cecelia gave them the baby as guards surrounded the group. Cecelia played dumb, even though she recognized the name of the orc - Dral, her contact with the Harpers that she was supposed to meet!

The group, surrounded by city guards, agreed to be taken to prison. Cecelia quietly called Beldora on her Sending Stone, leading to a verbal lashing by her mentor. Cecelia meekly apologized and asked for any help the Harpers could spare.
These bars can't hold adventuring spirit!
The group was put in jail, where a clerk of the court told them what happened and asked them to state their defense. They called on Maxwell and Jakob and witnesses, and gave the clerk their pamphlet they had used to find the feywild in the first place. The clerk thanked them and asked them to stay the night in jail.

Mialee was extremely upset that she was missing Greengrass, even sticking her boots out of the window and yelling at passerbys to check them out. Rolen cast Invisibility on her and himself, so they could at least celebrate Greengrass with a private moment. Cecelia put a Silence spell around them so she wouldn't have to listen.

The next morning, the clerk returned, and said an anonymous witness had come forward, clearing their name. The case had been closed, and the witness said that the party should be given two of Dral's possessions: a flask of liquid and a note that read "Drink Me!"Rolen used Identify on the flask, and realized it was a potion of teleportation!

The group went back to their hotel room to grab their Kobold friend Rooney. Rooney had obviously believed the party was never going to return, as he had set up a makeshift shelter in the hotel room. He was relieved to see them, as he otherwise would have never been able to make it out of the city alive.

One by one, they drank the potion, and were teleported into a round room with a teleportation circle on the floor. Rolen quickly sketched the circle's sigil in his notes. Mialee noticed a Tressym peering at them from a set of stairs, but it flew away when she approached.

She heard a voice from her shoulder, saying it didn't like this place because of the smell of other cats. She turned to see who had said that, and slowly realized that it was Rillex, their pet Tressym! Their adventure into the Feywild had caused Rillex to be able to speak!

Mialee was overjoyed. She couldn't decide if this was the best or worst Greengrass ever. Meanwhile, the rest of the group went upstairs to see what was going on.

They met a cantankerous old archmage named Kraven Valharrow, who informed them that they were in Everlund, a city far from Luskan. They had entered the Harper Teleportation Network, and could now travel to any of six major cities in the North!

The party was relieved to be someplace safe. Rolen and Cecelia were particularly happy to hear they could go home to Waterdeep! Mialee, having missed Greengrass, wanted to celebrate. Kraven said it had been a while since he had thrown a good party, and winked.

Everlund: basically Harper central
We stopped there for the session. It was short, but a lot happened! The party now has a means of fast travel, which I think will help them avoid tedious travel. They also finally got to level up, after months of being at level 6. They were very excited about that!

I don't think we'll be able to have another game until near the end of August. Stay tuned for a big party!

Thanks for reading!

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